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Ken Donnell delivers a box of goodies to the Quincy Post Office as a thank you for their work in helping him discover that he was the victim of identity theft. Photo submitted

Where I Stand: A thank you to diligent postal workers and all of those who are helping

By Ken Donnel

People who work for government agencies routinely hear complaint after complaint regarding something to do with the services provided by their agency.  Rarely do they receive a compliment or thank you.


It was with great joy that I chose to honor local postal workers from Greenville and Quincy when they recently helped me uncover the fact that my identity had been stolen.  As a way of showing my appreciation, I asked Amy from Carey Candy company, to put together a “goodies box” of breakfast treats, coffee, and juice which I could bring to these postal workers at the Quincy post office.  Amy created a goodie box way beyond the small amount she charged me, and all of the workers at the Quincy post office got a tasty treat and well deserved  “thank you.”


In these days when all of us in Plumas county have suffered so much, and many among us continue to suffer, it is important to squeeze every possible bit of gratitude and appreciation from these small things in life which remind us of the human touch that makes us want to live here.  Thank you Quincy postal workers.  Thank you to my friends in Greenville who hold on to the dream of rebuilding our community.  Thank you to everyone in Quincy and Plumas county who have provided me with one of “life’s little lifeboats” at a moment I was tossed into rage of the Dixie Wildfire.

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