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Where I Stand: Dixie Fire Long Term Recovery Group takes shape

Shortly after local disasters, many communities form a Long Term Recovery Group (LTRG)  to fill the ‘unmet needs’ of disaster victims that are not filled by FEMA, SBA loans, grants, or insurance coverage. 

SAFER Santa Rosa and the Campfire Collaborative are examples of what Santa Rosa and Paradise are doing to help disaster survivors become whole again.  LTRGs become the community collaborative made up of many non-profit, private, and public organizations as well as hundreds of individual volunteers.  Each can play a significant role in assisting disaster survivors overcome the challenges they face from the destruction of a natural disaster.

 While many disasters are confined to a community, the Dixie Fire affected virtually every community in Plumas County.  The focus of this LTRG will be on the Greenville/Canyon Dam areas because they suffered the most.

 The goal of the Dixie Fire LTRG is to serve those ‘unmet needs’ of disaster survivors through collaboration and communication, with the hope of opening lines of support , bringing resources, while avoiding duplication.

 Specific areas of resources and assistance are needed for:

  • Communications
  • Fundraising Oversight
  • Volunteer Management
  • Case Management
  • Resource Coordination (grant writers etc.)
  • Emotional & Spiritual Care
  • Housing & Construction

 Coordinators are needed to lead these specific areas and volunteers are needed to assist the Coordinators.  Please contact me at my contact information below, to find your place in the recovery of our citizens, communities, and County.

 As Interim Leader until the end of this year, my focus will be to get local leaders placed at the top of the organizational structure to best guide the Coordinators and their dedicated volunteers.  They will provide the trust needed at a time when people are at their most vulnerable.

 Together, we will do this!

 Clint Koble

Dixie Fire LTRG

[email protected]

(775) 843-4081




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