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Where I Stand: Recognizing some people who make me grateful to call Plumas County home

By David Hollister

Plumas County District Attorney


It continues to be an honor to serve Plumas County as the district attorney. I normally am tasked with sharing the status of our criminal prosecutions – cases often reflecting the unfortunate side of our community. Today, I wish to take a moment and recognize a few folks and groups making me incredibly grateful to call Plumas County home.

This has been a very hard winter. We have all had enough of shoveling all night only to wake up to a fresh two feet of snow in the morning. After Covid and the fires, to be hit with a severe winter such as this has worn terribly on all of us. Despite these obstacles, folks in Plumas County continue to step up meet each challenge head on.

As I was catching up on news and emails early this morning, I was struck at how many people are hard at work serving our community. Just from these recent emails and news stories I witnessed many folks who are doing right by all of us and I wanted to offer my appreciation, in no particular order and certainly omitting many, to our plow operators (both Plumas County and Caltrans) who spent last night clearing our roads so some sense of normalcy can continue despite what the weather brings; Debra Moore and her staff at Plumas News who keep us all up to date with accurate, informative, and vetted news that is important to us whether it be when the next storm will arrive or where to get sandbags; Sheriff Todd Johns and CHP Lt. Chris Parent and their staffs who are as eager to help a motorist stranded in the snow as they are to issue speeding tickets; Judge Doug Prouty who is leading the charge to make sure our new courthouse will spend the next 100 years being a place of which we can all be proud; Chuck White and his staff at the Building Dept who have been so helpful with information concerning roof snow-loads and have put our minds at ease; Tracey Ferguson over at Planning in helping us recover from the last fire and in helping prevent the next; all of our educators (whether they be administrators, teachers or staff) who work tirelessly in fighting to make sure all of our children have a first class education – not the least of which is a certain Quincy Principal who is answering emails until 11 p.m. then getting ready for the next day at 6 a.m. so her school is ready no matter the weather; school custodians who are up at 3:30 a.m. and moving snow at 5 a.m. so our kids can safely get to school on time; those in Greenville, particularly with the Dixie Fire Collaborative, who continue to stay positive and persistent in the restoration and betterment of Indian Valley and our other areas hit by the Dixie Fire; and to the staff at the DA’s office and the many workers in local government who, despite being overworked and understaffed, have demonstrated a fierce determination to get to work and serve the public to the best of their abilities no matter how bad the storm or roads might be.

To the many people, groups and businesses I omitted due to space, thank you as well.

The last few years have taught me, if anything, those in Plumas County have a resiliency and resolve second to none. In the face of whatever obstacle comes, folks here simply set their jaw, get to work and overcome. To each and everyone of you, stay safe during this next storm and thank you for your support and service.

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