Where in the world for the week of 10/16/19

Vacations always seem much too short, especially after just a week it’s back to work for intrepid Chester Progressive reporter Stacy Fisher, shown here holding his company’s newspaper with long-time pal John Beucher on Oct. 2, standing in front of Book Shop Santa Cruz during a stroll downtown shortly after a hearty breakfast at a nearby eatery. “I lived in Santa Cruz for 15 years, from 1983 to 1998, before eventually finding my way to Westwood where I currently live permanently,” said Stacy, adding that he truly misses the town located along the scenic Monterey Bay, “but traffic has become unbelievable and rents are now through the roof!” Next time you travel, share where you went by taking your local newspaper along and including it in a photo. Then email the photo to [email protected] Photo submitted