Where in the world for the week of 2/12/20

This is the Gallagher and Pemberton family visiting the Naimans and Etchegoins in Argentina in January. Melisa Naiman Etchegoin was an exchange student through Rotary in Quincy 17 years ago. She stayed with us the last part of the exchange. She was a wonderful exchange student. Front from left: Marta Naiman, Melisa Naiman Etchegoin, Amaia Etchegoin, Terry Gallagher, Megan Gallagher Pemberton and Delilah Pemberton. Back from left: Benja Etchegoin, Matias Etchegoin, Sergio Naiman, Tim Gallagher, Scott Pemberton and Roxie Pemberton. Next time you travel, share where you went by taking your local newspaper along and including it in a photo. Then email the photo to [email protected] Photo submitted