Where We Stand: Against all odds – Feather River Tourism Association is moving forward

Submitted by the Feather River Tourism Association


The Feather River Tourism Marketing District FRTMD)  is alive and well in 2022 and is being managed by the Feather River Tourism Association (FRTA) which is working towards its mission of realizing our area’s full potential as a travel destination. FRTA has completed a comprehensive strategic plan; is creating an overall marketing brand; and is building the necessary organizational infrastructure, including a new website and a full time marketing person, to fulfill its’ mission. 


Brief history of the FRTMD: Because  County-wide funding for tourism promotion was eliminated in 2012 by the  Board of Supervisors, a small group of countywide community members began searching for sustainable tourism promotion funding options. The best option, and one used by over 100 destinations in California, was the Tourism Marketing District (TMD), whereby assessments from lodging providers provide funding that is legally targeted for marketing and passes through the County to the FRTA. Lodging providers in the Lake Almanor area, Indian Valley, Quincy, Bucks Lake, and the Feather River Canyon approved a TMD with a 2% assessment in October, 2020 and began collecting assessments in January, 2021.


2021 Accomplishments

  • By December, 2021 FRTMD has received $108,852 in assessments. 
  • A Strategic Plan was completed and approved by the FRTA Board with input from 80 community members.
  • Contracted with an accounting firm to ensure financial accountability. 
  • Branding efforts produced the destination name, Discover Plumas County, and a logo.
  • Contracted to receive names and contact information for short term vacation rentals who were not in compliance with TOT and/or TMD Assessment. 
  • To overcome the “burn scar” image produced 3 marketing videos in collaboration with Lake Almanor Area Chamber.
  • Contracted for a part time administration/marketing position.
  • Increased online presence on social media.
  • Requests for proposals were sent out in December for website development and five were received. 
  • Maintained current tourism website, Plumascounty.org, that receives approximately 100,000 visitors per year. 

2021 Challenges

  • FRTA needed to secure a loan for start-up funds of $30,000 because the first assessment wasn’t received until June, 2021. That loan repayment was added to the budget along with $45,000 in private loans that were acquired to form the district. 
  • The Dixie Fire, hitting during the most profitable third quarter, significantly impacted lodging revenues and decreased projected 2021 assessment by over $50,000, therefore a full time staff position was put on hold, and funds were shifted to the cost of overcoming wildfire impacts on tourism. 
  • Working with the tax collector office to make sure all short term vacation rentals are in compliance.