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William A Weaver

William A Weaver

William A Weaver passed on a beautiful spring day in God’s Country on the 23rd day of April 2020, in a small Northern town of California.

William “Bill” was born to Harry & Ramona Weaver, in the third decade of the 1900’s in Dayton Ohio. He was the youngest of three, Big Brother: Roger Lee, and Big Sister: Donna Rae.

By the mid to late 40’s the family moved west to Long Beach, California. When old enough Bill’s brother and sister joined the military: Army and Airforce. Bill followed in the early 50’s. He retired after 22 years as Chief Master Sergeant from the United States Airforce. He was very proud to serve.

In the meantime, Bill went back to school at Sacramento State University and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science at the age of 42.

With his family, Bill’s joy in life was being out in nature. Camping, hunting and fishing which he shared with his son, grand kids, nephews, nieces and close friends.

Bill stayed in California to be near son Steve, his wife Sondi, grandsons Christopher and Timothy. Great grandchildren Zoe & Emilia.

The later part of the 80’s Bill met Sharon. They were part of a social club in Sacramento. They had a great group of friends who pushed them together. Four years later those two friends became one. The marriage brought a new friendship with stepson Sean Austin.

The mid 90’s Bill and Sharon moved to Portola. Bill called it “God’s Country.” Some time had passed and several rolls of duct tape (Bill’s favorite tool) for home repairs, he decided he needed something to do.

Bill found it was pretty easy to find work in this small town, if you had the gumption to do so.

He started at Gold Rush Sporting Goods working there about a year or so. Then Bill got hired at Blairsden Hardware. He really liked it and loved the people. Was there about a year or so as well. Next was Plumas Ace Hardware. He lasted a little longer over there. In the meantime, Bill ran for City Council and “WON.” Then lost his job at Ace, but soon found another delivering papers for the “Portola Reporter.” Bill really liked that job also. Enjoyed meeting people, shaking hands and just getting to know Portola.

People would ask Bill “What do you do?” He would say with a smile while smoking his pipe, “I deliver newspapers. As a kid, that was my very first job. And now, it’s my last one.” That job lasted about three years, or so.

Actually Bill’s last job was a 12-year run on the “City Council.” He really loved the work and serving the people of Portola. He loved the 26 years living in Portola. The way people remembered Bill was “Oh, that man with the hat.” He never took it off, not even at the Council meetings. But he always did when he got home from work. It still hangs on the hat rack where he took it off for the last time.

William A. Weaver has gone home for good.

Thank you Mr. Weaver for all jobs well done. Thank you for 27 years of interesting years together. So long my Love, So long Dad, So long Papu, So long Uncle, So long our Friend. You are missed dearly.

Hopefully, we will get to have services to honor William A. Weaver at a later date. Watch for notices.









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