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This will soon be the scene in Chester and elsewhere in Plumas County. Remember to get your vehicle off the street to make way for the snowplows. Feather Publishing file photo

Winter storm is on the way – move your vehicles out of roadway

With a winter storm bearing down on Plumas County this weekend and next week, the sheriff’s office is reminding everyone about Plumas County Code 4-3.502: The code says no parking along the pavement, at the end of a street, around a cul-de-sac or on the shoulder of the road during snow season. These are the locations that are needed for snow storage.

Sure, you can park on the street short term, but keep in mind that your vehicle needs to be out of the way when the plow truck comes by, and you can’t park out there at all if you will be blocking a lane.

Vehicles in violation may be towed (at the owner’s expense) and or ticketed. Please do your part this winter and help our plow drivers and your fellow citizens out!

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