Yamani Maidu college scholarship seeks donors

The Yamani (Mountain) Maidu Cultural Association is requesting donors to support a returning scholarship at FRC.

The scholarship is intended for applicants that are enrolled in at least 12 units at FRC, with a cumulative 2.5 GPA or higher during the last semester of academic institutional enrollment.

The scholarship amount is$1,000 annually at $500 per semester.

This scholarship is restricted to Native American students, with a priority given to students of Yamani (Mountain) Maidu heritage. If a qualified Yamani Maidu applicant does not apply, a second priority will be given to all other qualified Maidu applicants. Finally, any other qualified Native applicant will be taken into consideration. Applicants must demonstrate interest in participation of regional native activities and/or projects.


The Yamani Maidu Cultural Association started meeting in the fall of 2018 and submitted paperwork to the state of California as a nonprofit in January 2019. The group of about nine native and non-native people have ambitiously established about a dozen goals, with this scholarship being the first.

Representatives of the Cultural association asked for the communities’ help and said, “If you feel as we do, that it is important to help preserve the legacy the indigenous people, stewards of this region for time immemorial, we would be honored and thankful for any donation you wish to give.”

Donating is easy. Go to the FRC Foundation website (frcfoundation.org). In the upper right hand corner is an orange button “Donate Now.” Indicate that your donation is to go to the Yamani (Mountain) Maidu Scholarship.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Yamani Maidu Cultural Association is to preserve the legacy of the Yamani (Mountain) Maidu, native people of the Northern Om’Yamani (Sierra Nevada Mountains), whose lands extended from the North Yuba River, to the slopes of Mt. Lassen, and from the Deer Creek drainage in the western foothills, to the shores of Hani’lek (Honey Lake).