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Letter to the Editor: We are the enemy

In response to the letter written by the Manager of Belden Town Resort:
The unpredictability of conditions for business has ever been a major cause to opine, whether it be a pandemic of extraordinary dimensions, wildfire, flood, or banking disasters.
Your current complaint about the forest service can be seen as the result of the electorate wanting small government rather than insisting on effective government. The former is a tenet of an ideology the latter is merely pragmatic.
And so, as the advice goes, be careful what you wish for …….
Had we elected an federal administration that actually believed in government, believed in science, filled the various positions with folks that were actually knowledgeable and experienced (dare we say “expert”);
Had we had a population that listened and adhered to the best advice on prevention and reduction of the spread of the virus, we might actually have managed 1 or 2 lock downs (which, by the way, remain largely advisory with little or no penalty for violations) rather than the recurring waves of lock downs that will likely continue through the summer of 2021.
We have met the enemy and they are us.

Hal Hein

East Quincy

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