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A chance to consider what our world should look like

In my view we can’t go back to what we had prior to Covid-19, because what we had then was not normal. It was chaotic, frenzied, with many dancing to the tune of spend, consume, and spend even more.
Driven by the marketing of competition, distraction, and anything that would take society on a false course of unsustainability.
Promoting the campaign of “more is better”, and many of us looking for things outside of ourselves to fill the void of emptiness that competition has encouraged.
I’ve wondered for years…decades really…what it would take for society to just stop and look at what we’re doing and how we’re living. For us to become more conscious of our impact on each other, and more importantly the impact of our behavior and disregard for our Earth.
We can’t continue on the trajectory we’ve been on and expect to have a safe and abundant place to live.
We’ve gone far enough with that mindset, that paradigm, that unsustainable way of thinking that more is better, because it is not.
We have a virus that has its own timetable and it is giving us the opportunity to reconsider what’s really important in life.
How much of our limited time here do we want to pour into “business as usual”? Because I don’t have to tell you what’s going on now is not business as usual.
We have the opportunity to look at things differently now and decide for ourselves what’s acceptable for ourselves, our families, our society and our Earth, and how we want to move forward when things calm down.
We have the opportunity first and foremost to slow down.
This is a time of great awakening which is impacting us all.
This is a time for us to sit with this, and consider what we want our world to look like. To consider and begin to think of ways to renew and rebuild what you want your world to look like.
We can move through this by opening ourselves to new possibilities, by stepping away from fear and worry.
Ultimately, choose Trust, Love, and Compassion.

Tim Jones


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