Be prepared

That’s the message resonating as fire season gets underway

Fire isn’t far from anyone’s mind these days. The faintest hint of smoke and calls are being placed to 911. Residents are clearing brush and trimming trees. FireWise communities are being formed. Evacuation plans are being drawn. Families are packing go bags.

The recent fire seasons have made it abundantly clear that fire can strike anytime, anywhere. And while most are put out quickly, those that take off have the power to destroy. While we always have lived with such a threat, it has definitely worsened in the past years and the danger isn’t limited to us in the mountains. State resources will be stretched thin as more urban areas have proven to be just as vulnerable. Think Redding or Santa Rosa.

An added twist this year will be the prolonged power outages that we will most certainly face. The front of this section is devoted to Pacific Gas & Electric’s recent meeting in the area, designed to explain what is planned and help the public be ready. We are familiar with power outages in Plumas County, but they usually come in the winter. This will be different. They will be longer and we won’t have a snow bank to conveniently place our refrigerated items. Those without generators could very well lose the contents of their freezers and refrigerators.

In the coming weeks we will be providing important information about how this county, its communities and individual citizens are getting prepared. Will there be cooling centers? Where? What about those with medical devices dependent on electricity? Where will we charge cell phones? Which businesses can still operate? Which gas stations can still pump gas? Which stores will still have refrigeration? Which restaurants can still serve food?


This week Plumas County’s disaster council will meet to discuss these and many other issues. We will provide the information as it becomes available. Reporters also will be gathering information specific to each community. We hope to create a master list of where people will be able to find services.

Fire season is long. The Camp Fire roared through Paradise in November, a time when we are used to thinking that the danger has passed. We will need to get used to a new normal and be as prepared as we can be if a fire occurs.

Fourth of July is coming

The Fourth of July is coming and falls on a Thursday this year. As you make your plans, be sure to check out the full-page list of activities that are planned throughout the county. Note that the Graeagle festivities will be occurring the weekend after the holiday.