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Commend the leadership of DA Hollister

I would like to commend Plumas County District Attorney David Hollister’s continuing leadership in keeping the citizens of Plumas Couny informed.

An un-informed public is an ineffective public.

I pledge my full support to District Attorney Hollister and the unsung heroes, the full time county administrators and their staff.

These faithful servants have stood fast in the face of history adversity in our county.

I must add a personal insight into the difficulties we all face in acquiring key people for our government and enterprises in our county.

Plumas County is in decline.

Pandemics, fires, floods, and major losses to our employment base.

What must any candidate consider when thinking of employment in Plumas County?

I suggest perhaps an important if un-articulated concern is: “do I have a real future here?”, more importantly, “will my children and grandchildren have a future here?” , “will they have good jobs and careers here?”

Our family has a history here. My grandmothers three sisters married loggers and cattlemen form Quincy, Chester, and Chilcoot. I spent my childhood summers with Mike and Lottie (my grandmother’s older sister) Johansen . Mike built a modest homestead on the far end of American Valley and worked forty five years at the Mill. They are buried on Cemetery Hill.

I have fond memories of the beautiful scenery and the kind mountain folk.

Our family relocated to Portola after losing our home in the “Creek Fire” south of Yosemite in September 2020. Until the “Dixie Fire” (960,000 acres burned) the “Creek Fire” was the largest in CA history (500,000 acres burned) everyone we knew burned, 660 homes.

As an academic, researcher, and business man looking with fresh eyes. I am convinced that we have the resources to give our county the future it deserves.

How can we make this happen?

How can Plumas County prosper as never before?

Simple. We need to do three things. 1. Work together. 2. Work harder. 3. Work smarter.

I see a future with Plumas County a showcase of success in every way.

We have what it takes to prosper again.

Let’s do this.

Robert Rose


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