Do we know where to send your ballot?

The season is changing! We’re in autumn in beautiful Plumas County. We have many things to look forward to — the changing colors, crisp weather, finding an official ballot in your mailbox … Yes, it’s that time!

If you haven’t moved, or opened or closed a post office box then you will be able to pick up your ballot along with your other mail. If you have had any changes in your address or you will be away in October, we can still get your ballot to you. Often when voters put in a change of address card with the post office, they assume it covers every piece of mail. It does not.

Official Vote by Mail ballots are not forwardable. If you’ve had any changes since you last received a ballot in the mail, you can call us at 283-6256 or 844-676-VOTE. We’re here to make sure you receive your ballot no matter where you are.

Ballots will be mailed beginning the second week of October so we need your address changes today! If you’ve had any changes with DMV, you can contact our office to make sure you’re registered to vote with the correct information.


We encourage you to vote your ballot and mail it back EARLY. This will assure that your ballot will be among the first counted and results for local measures will not be delayed. Ballots dropped off at a post office after the final mail truck has left will miss the postmark requirement to have your ballot counted. Mail your ballot prior to Election Day to be sure we receive it in time!