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Editorial for the week of 1/25/17

Public and private sector investments are promising for Plumas County’s future

Plumas Unified School District is embarking on a major reinvestment in its facilities thanks to the willingness of Plumas County voters to increase their property taxes. School officials are now working with community members to prioritize the needs and develop projects. It’s a formidable responsibility with up to $50 million on the line.

Plumas District Hospital is undergoing a similar process thanks to another bond measure passed by voters. Health care officials there also are trying to select the projects that can most positively impact their patients and employees.

Such investment is a positive sign for our county. The physical improvements in our schools and health care will not only benefit our current residents, but should serve as evidence to those thinking of moving here that this is a county with a hopeful future and one whose people are willing to invest in it.

The investment isn’t limited to the public domain. Sierra Pacific Industries recently announced that it would invest $25 million in the Quincy log mill. There is also a new pharmacy slated to open in Quincy and two popular restaurants are renovating their locations. A new restaurant is also in the works for Greenville, while the new owners of the Crescent Mills Hotel have many plans for their site. There are a number of businesses in the Almanor Basin moving to larger locations to accommodate their growing needs, and Sports Success, a nonprofit in Eastern Plumas, is working to expand recreational opportunities for area youth, as well develop events that will positively impact the “shoulder” seasons for tourism. These are just some examples of local entrepreneurs who are investing in this county and staking their futures on their endeavors’ success.

Calling some new plays in our sports coverage

Readers will see a couple of new bylines in this week’s sports section — Mari Erin Roth and Shalee Purin. They are taking over sports reporting duties from Jake Jacobson who has been our sports editor for the past year-plus. Jake has accepted a full-time position with the county’s behavioral health department, but don’t be surprised if you see Jake’s byline from time to time; he will be providing an assist when needed.

In addition to a change in reporters, the approach to the coverage will be a little different as well. For decades it has fallen to one individual to crisscross this county writing about high school, college and community sports, sometimes planning a day to be able to hit several events, or other times choosing which event to attend. Mari Erin Roth will cover Portola and Quincy high schools, as well as Feather River College, and Shalee Purin will handle the Greenville and Chester areas. This not only will ease the burden on one individual, but provide our readers with even more sports coverage. The women also will report on community sporting events such as golf tournaments, swim meets, bike rides, fun runs, etc. in their respective areas.

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