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When all else fails – write

Okay, the TV is boring me with mindless chatter; there is nothing on the computer that interests me; I have just gone through the depression and rage that a water leak is sure to bring; I’ve spent two days doing dishes, laundry and cleaning the bod after a week without water. What else is left ‘cept to write about it.

It all starts innocent enough — the filter clogs up. This is the point of denial and rationalization; I haven’t changed the thing in a year, it’s probably due. There are at least five patches in this water line, but no problem for three years. No biggie, business as usual.

That night the water drops to a drizzle and the toilet takes an hour and a half to cycle. No prob, I’ll change the filter tomorrow and everything will be okey dokey. All of this is pure denial, but digging through four feet of wet clay was something I didn’t even want to think about.

Then the ugly specter of reality smacks me in the face the next day in the form of a puddle where the water comes into the house, which is also the bottom of the hill from the pump house, which means that the leak is somewhere in the hundred feet of line from the pump house. Oh Boy!

Age, a bad back and the loss of my faithful companion Troy force me to seek help, which comes in the form of a guy Hop and his young helper. There are many roadblocks to solving the problem. The person who installed the water line buried it 4 feet down. The recent rain had soaked the ground, which consists of orange clay that insists on an intimate relationship with each shovel full. Ya gotta scrape and bang the shovel constantly.

Hop has many other commitments forcing him to get at it when he could. His helper had a serious love affair with his bed in the morning and the leak proved to be elusive.

Meanwhile, my mood becomes increasingly foul with each passing day. After three days I quit trying to flush the toilet with the handle and borrowed a large bucket of water from a neighbor. The bathroom was stinking.

Dishes was pilen’ up, the body was stinking, but I could only tell by the reaction of those around me. It never got so bad that comments were made, but I wasn’t anxious to go to town either.

My 20-year experiment with mountain living was wearing thin. This summer, a bear savaged my car, a ground squirrel snuck into the house and tore apart my heater ducting, I had major surgery and this water thing had me in a severe pity party.

Finally Hop showed up and stated he wasn’t leaving until the leak was repaired. He found it and it was. Then he asked me if I was interested in having a guy put a new water line in. Oh yes says I.

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