Global issues that hit close to home

Tariffs and climate change are two topics that dominate the national and world news. We watch as our president spars with the Chinese and how the stock market ripples up and down as a result and takes other countries’ economies with it. We read about the effects of climate change — the extreme weather and the melting polar ice caps. Sometimes it might seem too much to absorb or too abstract to ponder how these two topics can potentially impact our daily lives — and they do.

The past weeks’ newspapers have driven home the fact that our wildland fires are clearly becoming more severe. A fire requires three components: oxygen, fuel and an ignition. So for us, in addition to climate change, we also have to factor in the way the Forest Service has or hasn’t managed the forests — as argued for decades by the highly respected Quincy Library Group — and how PG&E’s aging transmission lines have or haven’t been properly maintained over the years. Still, the underlying factor is that our weather is changing — the fires in Napa, Santa Rosa, and other parts of the state weren’t due to Forester Service mismanagement.

As a result, not only do we fear that we could lose our homes and our communities, we have found that many of us can’t insure those homes. How will that impact their value? How will that impact what choices we have in life? We applaud the Portola City Council for adopting a resolution acknowledging the threat that climate change poses.

As for the tariffs, read the opinion piece written by local businessman Ken Donnell on how the tariffs are impacting his business. It’s not a long read, but it illustrates what he and others just like him are facing. Donnell isn’t a faceless corporation, he’s our neighbor right here in Plumas County. If circumstances don’t change soon, then he will be faced with making some difficult decisions. And even if we aren’t facing the specific challenges that he is, all of us will be impacted as the price of what we purchase increases under the added costs of doing business if the United States and China can’t find some common ground and avoid this trade war.

Congratulations to all involved in the annual youth livestock auction

On a topic that’s far more uplifting, we want to acknowledge the youth who participated in the annual livestock sale at the Plumas-Sierra County Fair and all of the community members who supported their efforts. This section contains information about those involved. For everyone who couldn’t be there, this is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the annual auction and appreciate the efforts of our youth and their supporters.