Grateful, but …

I’m always eager for news updates about the Lake Almanor Recreation Trail. I’m grateful for the work of those involved in this project and so happy to see it moving forward. My family has been privileged to own homes and/or reside around the Lake Almanor basin for generations. As casual but enthusiastic bike riders we’ve enjoyed our rides around the lake. Even where the LART ends, the shoulders of Hwy 89 and 36 are wide and feel safe. But not so Hwy 147. Riding along that stretch is just a little too much of a thrill ride since it is necessary to share the lanes with cars and semi trucks. While the expansion of the trail along 89 will be nice, it would be a huge benefit to improve biking and driving safety along hwy 147 by making the LART a priority along that corridor.

Kristi Wolf
Lake Almanor