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Important topics are divisive

But let’s not forget to enjoy what we are so lucky to have in our little corner of the world

There are a lot of important news stories in Plumas County this week — many percolating through the Board of Supervisors’ chambers. There’s the cannabis initiative that’s working its way on to the November ballot. Proponents have gathered the required signatures, and last week the board considered its options now and in the future for addressing the initiative. It came down to a split vote. The board also discussed the status of Plumas when it comes to being a sanctuary area. Should it follow the state’s lead or that of the federal government? Again, it was a split decision. Both topics brought division on the board and in the audience.

The debate in the boardroom reflects what is happening nationally on a host of issues. It seems that the topics are almost secondary; what is at the forefront is a divide in the nation’s citizenry that is strengthening and widening, and becoming ever more intractable. Frankly, on the local, state, national and even international level, it can become overwhelming at times.

Juxtapose the above with what we enjoy locally. This past weekend in Quincy is but an example of what Plumas County residents enjoy on an ongoing basis in each of our communities. This weekend there were two art show openings in town — one featuring the works of Quincy High School students, the other the photography of Chester resident Betty Bishop. Feather River College opened its two-week run of “South Pacific,” and Rhythm and Grace Dance Studio hosted two dance recitals. Both the college production and the dance recitals included participants and attendees from throughout the county. The latter also included the Sweetheart of the Mountains Scholarship Competition, an annual event, where one young lady is selected to preside over the Plumas-Sierra County Fair and other events. It’s a decades-long tradition.

It’s difficult to feel despondent or hopeless in the face of such community spirit. Mingling at the events downtown or sitting in the audience surrounded by fellow townspeople, really strips away the outside chatter and hones in on what is truly important in life. It’s nice to see the best of what humanity has to offer for a change.

But behind all of these heartwarming events are dedicated individuals who make them possible at incredible personal sacrifice of time and energy. This is just the beginning of a season that is chock full of small town, iconic Americana happenings — parades down Main Street, fireworks displays, the county picnic, the two-county fair, community barbecues, street dances, fun runs, the list goes on. This year, let’s make the most of the opportunities that come our way. Yes, important decisions need to be made, locally and at every level of government, but let’s not forget to celebrate the reason why we all have chosen to live here and enjoy our own little corner of the world.

73 thoughts on “Important topics are divisive

  • Well put, we are truly blessed to live in such a beautiful place, with so many wonderful people.

  • Sanctuary county? Why not? Sheriff bannon’s catch and release program for herion dealers is almost exactly that. With department policies like this, a violent crime rate nearly double the state’s average, a prioritizing of department funds to enforce civil code, and the rehashing of 35 year old homicides in a pathetic bid to achieve some sort of celeberty status, it’s really not a wonder why plumas county has become such a sh**hole.

  • Heroin dealers see their day in court. Our District Attorney David Hollister will always see to it.

    If we’re such a sh**hole why do you hang around?

  • What? Route me to a link on always trustworthy Fakebook? Is that the best you can do??


    • Providing a legitimate news source might add some weight to your argument.

      Facebook carries no weight, Facebook is probably the least credible/trustworthy news source of all. I thought everyone knew?

  • Heroine
    A woman admired or idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

    Is an opioid most commonly used as a recreational drug for its euphoric effects.

    Maybe Hookt on foniks wurtkt four u?

    • Hysterical!

      Again, how about some links I can follow? From a reliable source maybe??

      No way am I going to open a Fakebook account just to follow your drivel.

      • It’s the sheriff’s face book page. But whatever Bev, stay ignorant and keep supporting policies that have made plumas the way it is, a drug addled, crime ridden, welfare county.

  • Plumas County Sheriff’s Office
    Apr 5
    On 4/4/2018 at 1600 hours members of the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office served a search warrant at 25 Redberg Ave space #16 in Quincy. Five adults were located at the residence at the time of the service of the warrant. During the service of the search warrant, Erwin Obryant was found to be in possession of a sellable quantity of Heroin along with cash, scales and other items to indicate Heroin was being sold from the residence. Krysten Corzine-Escoto was also contacted and arrested at the residence for being under the influence of a controlled substance. The other two adults were released without charges.

    Obryant and Corzine-Escoto were taken to the Plumas County Correctional Center for booking…

    • Okay, so the dealer Erwin was booked into jail along with a stoned chick named Krysten. Sounds like the others had nothing in their possession and were not under the influence so they were released as they should have been. What are you trying to point out? Are you suggesting PCSO. should charge people who have done nothing wrong other than visiting the trailer at the wrong time? Justice was served. Sheesh!

      • Follow the link to the dealer’s page I provided as well. He’s posting less than twenty days from booking ,out of state, on vacation visiting family. His friend is claiming it wasn’t herion and all charges were dropped. Anyhoo, I’m only interested in the truth, and don’t care if he gave them colonel Sander’s secret recipe.

        Do we really want plumas to be a sanctuary county for herion dealers?

        • Ever hear of something called bail? 20 days sounds far to soon for a trial. I’d expect that in 5-6 months.

          • Terms of bail would rarely let you leave the state let alone the county. I’ve also talked with the sheriff’s wife, she has clearly tried to place the blame on the DA’s office for failing to file charges, odd huh?

            Do you think plumas should be a sanctuary county for heroin dealers?

        • Tax payer/voter<<<<<<<
          You talked to the Sheriff's WIFE? Are you freaking serious??

          If that's the best you can do obviously we do not need you to inform the public of bogus stuff.

          Unless you currently reside in or have resided in 50 Abernathy Ln. most Plumas citizens had deep respect for Sheriff Hagwood and out DA. David Hollister and would vote for them both in a heartbeat.

          • She replied to a couple of my comments on Facebook, is this a surprising to you? Wow, I’ve also never been arrested.

            Anyhoo, I used to support them too, but I cannot support catch and release policies for heroin dealers, nor can I support leadership that has lead to a violent crime rate that is nearly double the state’s average. Get it?

  • Tax payer/voter
    Google these three words.


    Over six million hits in only 0.26 seconds.

    I’m with those above. No fake news plz.

    • Irreputable damage has been done to our community. Why was the dealer not charged? Why do you support policies that make plumas a sanctuary county for herion dealers?

  • You should call the Sheriffs office and the District Attorney. Tell them you are Tax payer/voter and want to know the answers to your question. It’s public information you know, no deep secrets. Those agencies have the answers you seek not the people who read and post their comments here. Why do you keep asking us anyway? It’s getting so old… Put on YOUR detective hat and post the results of your inquiry.

    • Bruce, thank you for your concerns, but they’re rhetorical questions. Also, I don’t need to talk to the sheriff’s department or the DA’s office about their failed policies, but rather inform the public of them.

      Did you know plumas county has a violent crime rate that is nearly double the state’s average?

  • “Why do you support policies that make plumas a sanctuary county for herion dealers?”

    I don’t. And by the way, as others have pointed out to you, it’s spelled Heroin.

    Why do you still huff spray paint?

    • Why are you more concerned with the correct spelling of an illicit drug, than the policies that have made plumas a sanctuary county for herion dealers?

      • I’m more concerned about the poor soul pushing made up stories of law enforcement policies that he knows nothing about. Mercy!

  • I love it!!

    Ask a stupid question and get one in return.

    • Do you love our nearly double the state’s average violent crime rate?

      Do you love plumas county’s catch and release policy for heroin dealers?

      • Do you realize that in a county of only 20,000 people it only takes one tourist from the Bay Area to stab and burn the body of his friend at Bucks to add a huge bump to our violent crime rate?

        Do you realize Plumas does not have a catch and release program for Heroin dealers? Many have asked you to back up your claim some even offering ideas how you can go about it. You haven’t. Total fail.

        But it’s nice to see some improvement in your spelling. Congrats.

        • Was Wallin Reed on vacation when he murdered three kids near clover valley?
          Was bill altes on vacation when he murdered Lauren Allen with a hammer?
          Was Kenneth stringfellow on vacation when he beat his girlfriend’s infant toddler to death? These are just a few of the heinous crimes we’ve experienced.
          I imagine most of the crimes are domestic violence and bar fights. Remember the chp officer that assaulted his wife at the high school recently? And sorry you can’t blame that on tourists, nice try though.

          My mistake, I didn’t realize you were unaware of the sheriff’s catch and release policy for heroin dealers.

          • Everybody is unaware of the catch and release program for heroin dealers tax payer/voter.

            That’s because it doesn’t exist.

          • I’m not claiming to have all the answers, I know what’s been done isn’t working.

            Do you think public officials should not be held accountable for a county’s impoverished condition?

            Did you know we have a violent crime rate that is nearly twice the state’s average?

          • Zach, nonsense, I do not make claims I can’t back up, follow the links I h provided. Drop an email address and I will gladly send you screenshots of the sheriff’s wife placing the blame on the DA’s office for the failure to file charges. It’s an old policy, I believe they call it, give us three and go free, or something to that effect.

            Do you support catch and release policies for heroin dealers ?

  • Tax payer/voter

    Ask stupid questions win a stupid prize. Thought everybody knew that.

    • Chip, is this a threat?

      Do you support the sheriff’s catch and release policy for heroin dealers?

      • Ask stupid more stupid questions win more stupid prizes.
        Are you paying attention?

  • OMG! This is getting hysterical!

    Better than TV. Think I’ll make some popcorn and continue reading Tax payer/voters flogging.

    • That’s a threat son!

      Sheri G.

    • Do you think the parents that lost children to the opioid epidemic think this is funny ?

  • Spare us the misery of your talking tax payer voter, show us how it’s supposed to be done. Run for the office of Plumas County Sheriff. Proof is in the pudding right?

    Somehow I just know your answer is going to be no.

    • Maria, I’m not claiming to have all the answers, I know what’s been done isn’t working.

      Do you think public officials should not be held accountable for a county’s impoverished condition?

      Did you know we have a violent crime rate that is nearly twice the state’s average?

      • And do you think you are the solution Tax payer/voter? It sure doesn’t seem like you have much of a following in your endeavors. Seems like lots of noise but no traction.

      • Did you know our violent crime rate is still less than half of Mendocino County? A commercial growers mecca?

        Did you know Humboldt County is still looking for many of 2016’s 352 missing people, mostly trimmigrants? Lots of shallow unmarked graves out in those pot fields you know. But hey, it’s all in the name of free market capitalism right?

        Did you know I see ‘help wanted’ signs all over this county? Doesn’t seem impoverished to me.

  • The reality is there is a lot of bottom feeding trash flooding into plumas county from reno and other major cities. They come here so they can get free healthcare and lavish housing/welfare benefits. With rent and housing prices rising to all time highs, plumas county also offers these people inexpensive rentals.

    I used to live in greenhorn, but had to leave after the trailers were getting rented out by meth addicts. These people destroy once peaceful and tranquil family neighborhoods. METH and HEROIN is everywhere. Anyone who spends a little time shopping in Portola knows what a burned out drug den it has turned into. Obese tattooed women waddling around visibly drugged out of their minds with their 3 kids.

    • Demographics
      Figure 1: Plumas County Population Change 1990-2015
      Source: U.S. Census
       Population has decreased by 11.6% since 2000.
      1990 2000 2010 2015
      Plumas County
      Population 1990-2015

  • Sounds like Trimmigrants.

    The more dope the growers grow the more people like you describe you’ll see. Hard to believe a few want to legalize commercial cultivation here and open the troll floodgates.

    Greed is their motive and other than that the do not care.

    • Rick, I figured you’d be more concerned with the sheriff’s catch and release policy for herion dealers, than cannabis farmers. Do you think plumas should be a sanctuary county for heroin dealers?

  • Plumas County is not a sanctuary county for heroin.

    It would be super fantastic if you could get that fact thru your thick skull.

    Ever notice you are the only one making that claim?? Me and everybody else simply roll their eyes when you toot that horn Tax payer/voter.

    So you asked the Sheriff’s wife about it?? Your credibility is hoovering right above zero. I’m sure that by now you must have noticed your total lack of support no?

    • Rick, Yes it is. Our violent crime rate is nearly double that of the state’s average, as well. I didn’t ask Julie Hagwood, she replied to my comments. She then clearly placed the blame on the DA’s office for failing to file charges in the Erwin obryant case.

      Why do you continue to support policies that have made plumas a sanctuary county for heroin dealers?

      • Never said I did support sanctuary for heroin dealers in Plumas County.
        In fact I’ve said I wouldnt support such a concept several times. And it’s always you and only you asking that stupid question.
        Why do you ask if I continue to support it anyway? Are you confusing me with one of your friends?

        • You kept denying it, like I was lying. But I’m glad you’ve finally come to terms with the fact that plumas is a sanctuary county for heroin dealers.

          • Okay. Why do you beat your wife and kick the dog? Hopefully you can come to terms with that. It’s really something how you accuse anyone who disagrees with you as being either against free market capitalism or supporting sanctuary status for heroin dealers. Good grief.

            Truthfully? I loose far more sleep worrying that Plumas County could be a sanctuary county for those “free market capitalization” commercial marijuana grower friends of yours. That is my real life Tax payer/voter not wallowing in your heroin sanctuary fiction.

            But I gotta say your obsessive compulsion to talk of nothing but sanctuary policies for herion dealers continues to leave me speechless. Not an easy thing to do, you must be some kind of special.

          • *lose

            Pretty odd that you’re more concerned with cannabis farmers and medical majauna patients , than youre with plumas being a sanctuary county for heroin dealers. Anyhoo, what are your thoughts on the fact that our violent crime rate is double the state’s average? Do you think public officials should be held accountable for the county’s impoverished condition?

            Also, I hope you’ll be contacting the pcso and letting them know how disappointed you are with their catch and release program for heroin dealers. Tell them you do not want plumas to be a sanctuary county for heroin dealers, thanks.

      • Tax Payer/voter: I never placed blame on the DA’s office!!!! I clearly stated that the job of the police/Sheriff’s is to arrest, not charge or prosecute. I will be happy to screen shot my ONE reply to you. I never commented on a specific case and you know it! Check your facts.

        • Whaat? Tax payer/voter stretches the truth?

          Or does he just a flat out lie?

      • Here is my exact comment: John Baron Sheriff Departments, Police Departments arrest individuals, they do not file the charges nor do they prosecute the cases. That is up to the District Attorney and Superior Courts respectively.

  • Rick is right.
    And I’ll repeat a question someone asked you earlier. Your Lobotomy.. Did it hurt much?

  • Maybe you shouldn’t pick on Tax payer/voter.

    I’m thinking he’s living in a parallel universe far far away and I’m not sure he can help himself.

  • Sanctuary county for heroin. Google says no such thing, zero hits. But there is mention of safe injection sites in Seattle for the addicts.

    That seems as far as Tax payer/voter’s theory is going to go. Especially since he’s failed to provide a single reliable source of information to back up any of his claims. I’m tired of this whole sanctuary county for heroin discussion.

    Let’s end this nonsense here. Tonight. Case closed.

    • D. Chew, how is Google a reliable source, but the plumas county sheriff’s Facebook page isn’t?

      Critical thinking really isn’t your thing, is it?

      • Stop feeding the troll.

        • Shoot the messenger, huh?

          Why do you support policies that have made plumas a sanctuary county for herion dealers?

          • You use crack don’t you.

          • “Shoot the messenger, huh?”
            Sure. If that’s what it takes to stop all the whining.

            Did you get a short weight or was your dope get cut with something icky? You certainly do seem like you have a axe to grind with our heroin dealers. You’ve written and submitted a full report to law enforcement right? Oh and by the way.. if not happy with PCSO you could always submit it to our state police the CHP. or DOJ.

  • Crack is whack.

    Anywhoo, it sounds to me like taxpayer has an ax to grind regarding this particular case. Maybe he or she had a bad experience with said heroin dealer. Nevertheless, if taxpayer has information that might help put an end to some illegal activities, perhaps he/she should share that information with the PCSO rather than carry on with this childish whining.

    • Lass, You could say that anyone living in the neighborhood in the past ten years had a bad experience with the dealer. With thirty or more cars a day filled with drug addicts, anything that wasn’t bolted down or locked up was stolen from nearby residences. One neighbor sold their home, others moved, can you just imagine? After years of this activity, not filling charges is an absolute spit in the face to the law abiding citizens who had to tolerate it.

      Ask yourself, do we really want plumas to be a sanctuary county for heroin dealers?

      • *filing

  • I can’t say I’m really surprised at the flak I’m receiving for not wanting to live in a sanctuary county for heroin dealers. Here’s a quick reminder of what happens to whistleblowers in plumas. In 2010 Ruth jackson, a local attorney’s wife, was arrested on trumped up dui charges for expressing concerns with local chp officer’s harassment of young college women.

    A Question of Law and Order – WSJ
    Wall Street Journal › articles

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