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In defense of the Palmaz Family and Genesee Valley Ranch

Sometimes environmentalists hurt the environment more than anyone else. For example: organizations I have supported in the past sued the US Forest Service after the Moonlight Fire to block logging of the burned timber. The environmental groups cited studies that observed more robust rejuvenation when whole trees rot back into forest. Unfortunately, when we do not log our own timber, we replace the lag in the U.S. market by purchasing timber from Asia. How is that more environmentally sound?

Another example: Genesee Friends oppose the use of the Palmaz family-owned helicopter in Genesee Valley to travel to and from their Genesee Valley ranch. The family also uses the helicopter to help manage organic cattle grazing on the ranch. Renowned inventor, Julio Palmaz, M.D., due to a health condition, cannot ride in an automobile for more than a few hours. Without the helicopter, Dr. Palmaz could not visit the ranch. Also because Julio’s son Christian runs Palmaz Vineyards and the ranch in Genesee, he also needs to visit often, especially right now as the family is reopening the Genesee Store. Without the use of the helicopter, the family might sell the ranch. Next in line interested parties, who also looked at the ranch, are developers who plan to either subdivide or build a heavy traffic facility like a bottled water plant. How would that be an eco-friendly outcome?

Even while blaring an alarm that the Palmaz helicopter will set a precedent allowing helicopters and airplanes to inundate Plumas County, the Friends have failed to act. As much as the group proclaims in their article in the paper and elsewhere to have filed an appeal to the Plumas County decision approving the helicopter for ranch use, the Friends filed nothing of the sort, at least nothing that vaguely resembles the Planning Department’s clearly stated appeal procedure. Michael Jackson, legal counsel for the Friends, wrote a hurried letter that did not use the County form or follow appeal guidelines.

The County Supervisors held a public hearing to decide if the letter satisfied enough appeal requirements to accept. In the hearing, Michael Jackson not only blamed county employees for not explaining the appeal guidelines that we all read at the bottom of the original decision document, his letter did not identify who made the appeal, but hid their names behind, “Genesee Friends.” Therefore, the Supervisors voted 4-1 to deny the appeal.

Genesee Friends have not only tried to bend the law, but in their newspaper article, they misled readers by claiming widespread public support. The Genesee Friends consists of seven people, by far a minority in Genesee. The majority of people in Genesee, Indian, American and other local valleys are tired of hearing from Genesee Friends and support the Palmaz family.

Furthermore, the Friends constructed a bizarre illusion that the Genesee Valley Ranch is a major corporate entity with shareholders. To protect against liability, family owned ranches and farms often put holdings in LLCs. It is commonly known that the Genesee Valley Ranch and even Palmaz Vineyards are structurally small enterprises with no owners other than the immediate Palmaz Family. The Palmaz family practices sustainable, not industrial agriculture, and has for three generations.

The Genesee Friends claim to be on the side of ranchers in Plumas County, but their article presumes that ranchers cannot make wise stewardship decisions on their own land. The Friends paint a dark future in which ranchers allow helicopters and landing pads to take over wetlands and other valuable croplands. Dubious at best, this flies in the face of the work of ranchers over the last 150 years. I have heard ranchers around the West and Midwest give good explanations of how and why they are better stewards of the land than anyone else including environmentalists. Many of them supported Planning Commissioner Randy Wilson’s decision in favor of the Palmaz helicopter, as a brilliant way to substantially limit helicopter proliferation.

Fact is, the Palmaz Family built a private helipad and hangar on their own ranch property in compliance with all existing codes, ordinances, governing documents and laws — local, national and aeronautical. They also asked for prior input and suggestions from neighbors and invested in an independent noise study to be sure they would minimize impacts on wildlife and people. Neighbors living closest to the helicopter flight path said they do not hear takeoffs and landings.

Comparing the scenario and laws here in Plumas County to Idaho is like comparing apples to potatoes. Comparing to Napa is much more dissimilar, like apples to baseballs. Napa denies private heliports because they have concerns about customers visiting wineries in private aircraft — laws we do not have and do not need in our county.

Based on ignorance of the law and thinking wishfully that we can be like Idaho or Napa, the Genesee group is now suing our county, as if we were not fiscally struggling enough. The Friends accuse the county of trying to give a blanket approval of all private helicopter facilities as part of ranching infrastructure.

In fact, anyone who understands how Plumas County zoning law disallows uses by default if they are not approved, understands that the Planning Department decision will make it harder to build heliports on all other lands not zoned for agriculture. Building residential subdivisions on agricultural lands is impossible. Not only would the zoning have to change, but other government agencies such as Cal Trans and the FAA also have regulations preventing it.

Wilson’s decision merely simplified the Plumas County law and administrative burden, now more in line with other counties in California and other agrarian states that approve aircraft for farming.

What we need rather than more laws and regulations is a task force with representation and buy-in from all interested parties, not just one faction or another. Let’s bring everyone to the table for civil discourse. Litigation ought to be the last and rarely if ever used resort in a civil society, especially against small local governments whose motives are mainly to stay afloat by limiting red tape.

Back when the Palmaz Family bought the property, Neff advertised a “heliport” as one of the amenities of the ranch. Neff landed helicopters in the same spot for decades many times a month. The Genesee Friends years after claim this violates the Genesee Valley Special Management Area Plan, a poorly written appendix to the General Plan, which the county decision on Palmaz helicopter use explained was never codified into the zoning code. The citing of the Special Management Area document by the Genesee Friends in opposition to the Palmaz Family helicopter, hinges on re-defining the word “airport” to mean the same as “private helipad,” which it does not according to the FAA, county, dictionary or any other definition.

The purchase of the ranch by the Palmaz Family is the most historically and environmentally beneficial event to occur in Genesee Valley for 100 years. The land has been restored to its original use as a working ranch, the buildings are being restored and the land is already environmentally healthier. Few if any other folks with the means to purchase such a spread, have the background in organic food and sustainable agriculture like the Palmaz family.

People have accused me of defending the Palmaz family for purely monetary reasons because Christian Palmaz contracted with me to photograph for the ranch. The very heart of ranch strategy is to accomplish family goals by hiring all local employees and contractors. This boosts the local economy through environmentally friendly means, which is precisely the kind of work we need here. The Genesee Valley Ranch is the culmination of many local people’s efforts and knowledge. Therefore, the Palmaz family invites any of you who have related skills, please contact the ranch and offer your services. Genesee Valley ranch is team building as you read this, unlike a certain few others who are dividing people against each other and missing the larger vision.

109 thoughts on “In defense of the Palmaz Family and Genesee Valley Ranch

  • Thank you for your excellent article!
    The enviro / extortionist attorney representing these “friends” is part of a nation wide web that specializes in deconstructing America’s independence, policing every county and city, monitoring the compliance to the General Plans, which have all been revised to make rules and regs more and more difficult for small farmers, allowing mega producers, who can pay the fees and afford the paperwork and fines, to prevail. I didn’t know Palmaz’ were raising organic beef. They are competition for big ag- thus, out come the jackals, any way they can, to hobble the indie producer. This is just one effort to take a whack at another small entity, some how some way. The small pot growers will experience the…

  • Excellent article Mr. Hyde. Coincidentally I was at the BOS meeting referenced above. Mr. Jackson failed to comply with what seemed a very simple process and then attempted to place blame on county officials rather than accept responsibility for his failure. This comes down to respect. Respect for the rights of property owners, and respect for rule of law. Mr. Jackson and his clients don’t believe they should be held to same legal codes and processes as the rest of us, they have this made this abduntatly clear in their lawsuit against our county simply becuase they are unhappy things did not go their way. Now we, as taxpayers will be held accountable for Mr. Jacksons failures and the hurt feelings of small group of people.

    • Mr. Hyde doesn’t mention that he recommended Mr. Jackson to the Palmaz when they asked him who he thought would be their best pick for a lawyer.

      • Not sure what your point is there neighbor… but you seem to be indicating that Mr. Jackson is a bad lawyer. For the sake of clarity, I never said Mr. Jackson is a bad lawyer. I’m not familiar enough with the body of work he’s completed over the course of his career. We’re talking about a specific instance where he failed to follow simple processes.

        • Not so simple or true. He did specifically what Planning Department staff told him to do, and they accepted and stamped Friends’ appeal, assuring him all was in order. The Board put setting a date for a hearing on its agenda, then, without prior indication of a problem with a missing form, decided to deny public opportunity for a Supervisors review of a Planning decision — even as the county clerk said at the hearing the form was a new form and she didn’t know where to find it. Such glitches on all sides are understandable and pardonable, especially in small towns and rural areas like ours where people know each other. The County should hear and consider the issues.

  • This is not about helicopters, it’s a war of atrition by any means necessary against real food . Real evnvros need to take a break from yoga and learn who their real “friends” are, and need to stop being Green Bay fans shouting “Go Rams!”. They support the illusive idea of “sustainable development” pumped to them by supposed humanitarian outlets like the UN, which was created by the left’s favorite robber barron internationalists. What you and I consider sustainable is the opposite of what the UN means. Real sustainability means regional diversity of crops, not regional specialization. Watch the locals in Africa and S America agree. Int. corps. encourage big ag to rip out existing diverse crops and plant one crop. We in the same…

  • Wow, Where to start? Thank you for confirming the helicopter is for the comfort of travel “due to a health condition” not ranching equipment. Why not fly to the Quincy airport and make the short drive from there? As county council has reminded us time and time again plumas is a permissive land use county, meaning if it’s not specifically zoned for that use, it’s unlawful. Also, the athor makes some awfully arrogant assumtions ” The purchase of the ranch by the Palmaz Family is the most historically and environmentally beneficial event to occur in Genesee Valley for 100 years”. Way to ignore the hard work of every local rancher, farmer, conservationist and especially the feather river land trust and the preservation of the heart k…

    • Me… could you please make your argument for why its “unlawful.” Simply stating it as a matter of opinion doesnt make it a fact. I know thats a popular tactic these days, along with “alternative facts” or saying something is “unconstitutional.” But I would submit that we adhere to a standard where actual evidence and facts are provided.

    • Having just visited Genesee Valley the difference between the Heart K and the Palmaz Ranch is remarkable in favor of the Palmaz Ranch by far.

  • …ranch. It seems, in my opinion, these folks think their wealth and good intentions places them above the rules that apply to everyone else.

    • A lot of people, like Dr. Palmaz, would find a five-hour drive from Napa to Plumas County difficult, but not everyone has the means, or feels entitled to build their own private airport on a wetland with no concern for what it destroys. GEEZ, It’s a thirty minute drive from Gansner Field to Genesee!

      And, as Me has already pointed out, that’s not the reason given for permitting construction of a private airport — without a special use permit — in a wetland where the General Plan prohibits airports.

      It was approved, after the fact, as an Ag. tool for monitoring cows and fields from 10,000 feet above ground…. But even with that argument they can still land and hangar the aircraft at the county airport, like others do.

      • Thirty minutes?!?! . If your making the drive from Genesee to Gansner Field in 30 minutes then your a risk to public safety.

        Out of curiosity can you provide evidence that it was constructed on a “wetland.”

    • They followed the rules provided them by the county.

    • Followed the rules. “These folks think…” Wow! Me… Character attacks on strangers???? These are the days of trump aren’t they? Maybe you should refrain from attacking the character of complete strangers.

      • Again, as stated earlier, the planning department bent the rules to accommodate an airport where one is not allowed, hence the lawsuit. And As much as I would like you to, honestly, I don’t think politicizing this issue is going to help your argument in any way.

        • Me, that comment was a merely a reference to this current chapter in American history (largely authored by our President—like it or not—he is the democratically elected leader of our country) where it’s become both acceptable and common place to attack and your opponents character. Generally, this is done in an attempt to distract people from the fact that your argument doesn’t stand on its own merit. Frankly (and unfortunately) both left and right, conservatives and liberals alike practice this with enthusiasm. The comment was not meant to politicize but to deter the personal attacks “these folks” is no different “those people” and betrays a willingness to categorize- by race or class, reflecting a sense of supremacy and are wrong.

        • Interestingly enough you pursued this exact course of action by again launching a personal attack and labeling people whom you know almost nothing about “white collar criminals.” As evidence you attached an article that is over two years old and at best, describes as a complex web of litigation that is probably ongoing. If you continued your research, the most recent reports indicate that they may have actually been the victims of a malicious plot designed and carried out by Susan Harriman, an investment banker.

        • But let’s get back to the issue at hand, I appreciate that you’ve toned down the claims of “unlawful” to “bent the rules.” If your talking about the permissive zoning… The hoops they went through to have their heliport (not an airport) approved was nothing short of incredible. Public hearings, town meetings, etc. To suggest that they somehow bypassed the community’s involvement or any regulatory oversight is preposterous. The county’s approach to calling a private heliport functionally equivalent to agriculture was not just in response to their application but was also aligned with what other operators such as Sierra Pacific, PG&E, and others had been doing for years.

          • Oh dear, David. You’re a fiction writer!

      • As aside and in conclusion I’ve gone back and read a number of other threads, specifically Gordon Keller’s piece on Measure B. You attacked him (Gordon) and others, now your attacking a family that has given tremendous aid and support to our local schools, supported our local youth in everything from upgrading athletic fields to buying 4-H/FFA animals and creating a vehicle that allows students from Plumas County to travel to Uganda where they partner with their peers to build schools, develop agriculture and build international goodwill. You on the other hand are a typical internet troll. Your only objective is to tear people down, attacking anyone whose ideas/thoughts differ from your own.

        • “Thirty minutes?!?! . If your making the drive from Genesee to Gansner Field in 30 minutes then your a risk to public safety.”


    • What your biases and complete disregard for fact keep you from noticing is that the Palmaz Family have complied with all rules and laws. That’s the whole point of why the Friends have a frail case and why they are unable to gain traction with anyone they or their one troll, so-called “Me,” have gone after in elaborately planned and cacophonous, yet pitifully feeble assaults. The “Friends” intentions may be good, but in their desperation to find allies after having harassed and alienated most of those with influence, their choice of shill in you, as an impotent armchair OD internerd Extra is clearly working against them. Why don’t you go back into your flickering blue light cave and leave the discussion to people. …with real stakes…

      • ALSO ADDRESSING “Me’s” comment, “…ranch. It seems, in my opinion, these folks think their wealth and good intentions places them above the rules that apply to everyone else.”

        More important than who you are or are not by far are the actions of the Genesee Friends wasting tax payer money and BOS time holding hearings on whether to allow exceptions to the “rules that apply to everyone else.” The reasons the Genesee Seven believe they are above the law is not wealth, but having worked for years to produce very little and having come here from the city before the Palmaz did. Middle class people can act entitled too, not to mention the Friends and “Me’s” clear bitterness and prejudice toward wealthy people. Prejudice is prejudice,…

  • It’s sad that Mr. Hyde might really believe that the Palmaz with their team of lawyers (the same firm that’s also representing the County in this case) and their multi-million dollar revenues needs him to defend them. But that contract for photograph …. gotta admit — good advertising!

  • The Genesee Area Plan defines ALL of Genesee Valley as a wetlands. For those who continue to overlook the lack of coherence, legal substance and status as law of this document, regardless, please notice that the helipad is on a dry alluvial slope lacking the vegetation or any other characteristics of a wetlands. It will be very hard to prove this area is, or was ever a wetlands. One reason for the concrete slab is to keep all the dust from kicking up into the jets on takeoff and landing, as it did for years when Neff landed there. Also, how does it logically follow that if the Palmaz Family use the helipad on their own private property for their own transport, that this precludes using it for ranching as well?

  • Also, in response to the posting and link made above by the person hiding behind the nickname “Me,” as far as I understand it, that article in the San Antonio paper confuses a number of the issues and facts, even switching around and misattributing some of the statements and actions of the different parties, not to mention that it covers only a very small part of the story. If you “Me” are who I think you are, you know better than to take any one newspaper story at face value as being the full truth of any matter.

    • You’re a poor propagandist to conflate these articles with fake news. There are many more articles and sources on how palmaz sientific defrauded investors, including the state of Texas. It’s all written very clearly, but if you’d like to clear some facts up, please do try.

      • Me, I hadn’t seen this post before my above response… I was actually hesitant to make the post. But there you are labeling Mr. Hyde a “poor propagandist” pretty soon you’ll have some cute moniker for him like you did for Greg a few weeks ago. TROLL. At least your consistent. I’ll give you that…

  • “a troll (/troʊl, trɒl/) is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on the Internet to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses[2] and normalizing tangential discussion,[3] whether for the troll’s amusement or a specific gain.”

    Me = Troll

  • David, you’re barking. Stop.

    • And you’re stirring up the noise and misinformation. Anyone interested in more than hearing himself talk can search for the facts. Napa sues Palmaz. Why? Investors sue Palmaz. Why? Genesee Friends sues the County for permitting an airport where the General Plan prohibits airports, and then disallowing the appeal process. Why? Let’s speak civilly about the issues. It’s not about any one of us. It’s about what happens to the world in the future. Who gets to decide, and how. Those with the most money? The bullies? Wasn’t the American Revolution to change that?

      • Palmaz, who applied for his heliport permit in 2014, said he’s been working to resolve concerns of neighbors ever since. He plans to locate his landing pad and an adjacent hangar on the backside of the family’s Hagen Road property, where it won’t be a nuisance. He’s also agreed to limit his travel to personal use — not ushering in wine buyers or conducting other winery business — with no more than four arrivals and four departures a week.

        -sf chronicle

        Seems to me if they’re using the aircraft in plumas for their ag business, he’s in violation of his special use permit in Napa. A catch twenty two if you will, ha.

        Good luck neighbors

      • Actually no, no it wasn’t. The American Revolution was about having representive government as opposed to virtual representation. Sorry couldn’t help it…

  • Good Evening Neighbors and Friends,
    Whether you agree or disagree with the counties decision is irrelevant. Mr. Jackson incorrectly appealed. Twist and manipulate that however you want, bottom line, it was his responsibility, no one else’s. The persistence in this matter is noteworthy. However, your efforts lean towards disingenuous. Where were the “Genesee Friends” when the previous landowner was committing all manner of mischief? Stream diversions? Firing automatics weapons from four wheelers? Nothing. Not a word. Roses and rainbows. If we want to talk about unlawful/illicit activities then perhaps we should be talking about trespassing and stealing of timber. You know who you are. As do I (and the rest of the community).

  • Sorry just one more comment for the evening… this one is directed at Mr/Ms Me. I don’t appreciate the derogatory comments you made about my friend Gordon Keller. My name is Ryan Schramel, you want to talk trash come do it to my face. I live Taylorsville. You can email me at [email protected] to set up a meeting.

    • More threats from the violent right, yawn.

      Why do you hold random people online to a higher moral standard than your commander and chief, Ryan?

      • For the record, Ryan is not “violent right,” whatever that is. You seem to enjoy labeling people and spreading disinformation, lies and assumptions. You are completely wrong about the helicopter itself and many other confused ideas you have spouted here without any substantiation other than lazy surface Googling. In contrast, Ryan is a gentleman, family man, Marine, class act, respected educator, a businessman who helps “third world” people and a friend of mine. He also summed you up very well in his comments defining trolls. If I know Ryan, he is not threatening you in any way. He is pointing out that many cowards are afraid to repeat in person the trash they talk at a safe distance, or to even have a civil, friendly talk face to face.

        • Ryan is a big boy, why don’t you let him explain his own words. Again, you had a whole article to express your feelings and concerns. The fact that you won’t leave the public’s input alone only highlights the desperation of your campaign.

          Further more, your father was a great man, an artist, a conservationist and poineer of this industry. I can’t help but think how disappointed he would be to know you turned into a corporate shill, sad.

          • *his

            “For every place there will always be people that want to exploit it,” my father, pioneer conservation photographer Philip Hyde said. “And, there will always be people—hopefully—that want to save it and keep it as it is. Even with the risk of inviting the crowds into paradise, better to publish your photographs and rally the troops. What’s in the frame of the photograph matters artistically, to be sure, but what’s outside the frame can destroy it.” Later in life, in the early years of the millennium, after hearing how overrun and trampled certain locations had become, Dad said he still wondered whether his books benefitted or harmed nature.

          • I have just as much right to comment and reply here as you do. In fact, most people reading this, have expressed either here or elsewhere that YOU do not count as a member of “the public” because you are participating in disguise like a Russian hacker. For all we know you are, except that the publisher literally has your number and suspects you are the same guy he blocked from the site before under another mask. My father would likely only be disappointed to discover that someone like you sung his praises. As for his view of me, I am merely defending Genesee from development in the best way I know, by supporting the Palmaz Family, or did you miss the part about who else was interested in buying the ranch?

          • Creepy that “Me” not only quoted my father from my blog, but myself as well. More astonishing, you do not recognize my right to disagree with or approach the world differently from my father, especially since over a lifetime we all change and often differ with our own views earlier. Plumas County’s economics and needs are different now than they were 50-70 years ago. Amazingly some people are still fighting the Civil War, but some in Genesee are still fighting the environmental battles of the 1960s. Take yourselves off automatic mode. Times have changed. Or is the issue even deeper? Maybe YOU are the ones still fighting your inner parents/authority figures/wealthy people and that’s why you troll and ruin what started as a civil…

  • Snoopy believes he is barking back… LOL. Snoopy and others whose investigations are limited to Googling up old articles, please understand that accurate investigation involves finding out the CURRENT status of stories, especially if your lazy methods have only unearthed information that goes back two, five or more years… Woof… ROFL… Ryan and others, thank you for your reasonable comments today. All views are welcome, but “Me,” “Neighbor” and other trolls please keep it civil or Mr. Taborski may close comments. Thank you all for your individual and in some cases out there views. 🙂

    • David, do they pay you extra to meth post at three in the morning?

      • Wow. That was really uncalled for. Getting personal is a show of weakness in your own defense and regardless of political views, let’s keep it professional shall we?

  • One little helicopter. A concrete slab and some nondescript outbuilding. From the bleachers this appears to be much ado about nothing. To spend more than an hour hand wringing over a (relatively) quiet executive helicopter flying in to Genesee a couple times a week seems very petty at best. Consider choosing your battles more carefully and finding a better cause, “Friends.” They’re out there. In the mean-time, I’m making a group called “Taylorsville-Friends-That-Think-It’s-Okay-For-One-Rich-Guy-With-A-Helicopter-To-Fly-In-A-Couple-Times-A-Week.” Meetings on Tuesday nights at my cabin. Bring beer.

    • Rich, it’s a twin jet engine 2015 Bell, so not really one little helicopter. After reading about lawsuits in Napa county over their unpermitted construction of 100,000 square foot wine cave, multiple bridges and destruction of stream habitats I see a distubing pattern behavior that’s now being repeated here.

    • Great idea, Richard. There must be something better to do in life than wasting County resources and buzzing around stirring up trouble over someone else’s choice of transportation. Besides, I hear Tesla and others are working on “green” and “affordable” personal helicopter designs now. At that point, the concept will no longer be a target for people who are prejudiced against all well-to-do people who happen to be able to afford to fly a little higher and faster. Ironically, what most people don’t realize is that I started out on the Genesee Friend’s side, having attended the meetings, before the hypocrisy of everyone driving a lot more to have so many meetings about limiting someone else’s carbon footprint got to me.

  • Looks like the palmaz shills get Sundays off, how nice.

  • Ryan, Are you not aware that your grandfather, John Schramel was part of developing the Genesee Valley Special Management Area as a component of the General Plan? It was designed in an effort to guide us at times like this when people become so full of themselves they don’t care whom they hurt or what they destroy. Sure, that was long ago and the Plan isn’t perfect. But it exists and its foundation and reason are valid. It prohibits airports. The Palmaz applied to the FAA for a heliport while at the same time, with help from the Planning Department, they got permits for a barn to avoid the special use permit and public review processes. The focus on the form is to hide the issue — the need to not trash what can’t be restored.

  • I’m not going to address trash comments, but I would like to clarify what I mention in the article and in the comments above about the Genesee Area document. To summarize the street cleaning, the initiators of non-constructive personal attacks may have their comments removed and/or even be barred from the site. Also, if you are not listening to what others have to say, but are merely talking past people, you need to re-evaluate your unschooled approach, or go away and take the street fight back to your own lair. Many sharp and thoughtful people worked on the Genesee Area Plan. However, the version of the document we read today that I said was poorly written, was rewritten and watered-down by a county lawyer before it was approved.

  • Elisa, Many of us care about Genesee and respect the efforts of the past to set a different tone in the valley from the rest of the county. I too believe that some places need to be left unspoiled. The Palmaz Family all agree with this idea as well. Nonetheless, we do need “growth” in Plumas County, the “right” kind. I believe that if presented properly and with diplomacy, plans to keep Genesee Valley beautiful and perhaps do more job and business development in Indian Valley, while also keeping it beautiful, might be something the majority of people could get behind. However, attacks and elitism are not going to win people over. I ought to know, I have many times approached diplomatic situations in a less-than-constructive way…

    • David, I’d say you may be the one not listening and talking past people. Note, you had a whole article to make your point. Now that you don’t like the feed back you’re desperately trying to spin facts and rebute comments. Also, your ability to accuse others of elitism while shilling for a billionaire’s need for a private airport is just plain silly, thanks for the laugh.

  • My comments were for Ryan, to ask if he knew of his grandfather’s role in Genesee Planning.

    It wasn’t planning about beauty, or an elitist effort to have a pretty place for a few while to hell with the rest.

    It was, and still is, about integrity. The integrity of the place where we live and of our relationship to it.

    People who are interested can do some research. There’s lots to discover.

    • Elisa, is there an address, link, site were people can donate to a legal fund?

  • An interesting, and curious, debate. As an objective outsider, my first take-away is to disregard any commenter who hides behind a nickname or alias. This discussion appears to be a local issue being discussed/debated by locals who likely know each other. Failure to identify oneself, as most of the critics are doing here, is an act of cowardice that brings into question the integrity of intent by the anonymous commenter. The quality and nature of the comments by the anonymous parties is largely in line with this observation: weighted towards the personal attack and light on fact and solid data for an outsider to consider. The result is that I am left with the inclination to favor the case made by Mr. Hyde.

    • Jim, you use the word objectively then immediatly say something to the contrary. Judging without addressing a single issue raised on either side is anything but obiective.

      As Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens put forth in deciding McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Comm’n

      Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority. It thus exemplifies the purpose behind the Bill of Rights, and of the First Amendment in particular: to protect unpopular individuals from retaliation—and their ideas from suppression—at the hand of an intolerant society. The right to remain anonymous may be abused when it shields fraudulent conduct But political speech by its nature will sometimes have unpalatable consequences, and, in general, our society…

      • … accords greater weight to the value of free speech than to the dangers of its misuse.”

        • I am a student of the human condition and behavior. My comments refer to the character of the anonymous commenters and how their methods backfire on them. This isn’t national politics where dissenters are spirited away in the night. You are no hero fighting for the lost cause, one of a minority of seven fighting the rest of your community. You are an anonymous, petty troll sore because you lost a legal battle and are determined to spread as much pain and inconvenience as possible. You are not afraid of reprisals. You are afraid of being recognized for the small person you show yourself to be in these comments. In the process, you only show your true colors and strengthen the resolve of those you are fighting.

          • Yet you still fail to address a single issue by either side. You also fail to mention you know Mr. Hyde. So you’re not really an objective outsider, are you, Jim?

          • Read my reply more slowly so your reading comprehension might improve. You are so obsessed in your petty bitterness that you utter fail to understand my main and only point, to your detriment. Again, to my point, you become your own worst enemy. By way of constructive suggestion, do some research on the importance of credibility and presentation style, as well as a concept known as ‘backlash’. Environmentalism has a long history of failure when these factors were not understood and addressed.

            Another constructive suggestion: read Jared Diamond’s ‘Collapse: How Societes Choose to Fail or Succeed’. It may we’ll be the best overview ever written regarding the complexities of balancing environment and economics.

          • Addendum: Yes, Mr. Hyde and I do know each other. That said, he will quickly attest to the fact that we do not always agree and have had extensive debates over the years. Do not assume that I automatically side with him on any matter.

            However, those debates were always done with empathy and basic respect. The result is we have both expanded our understanding of the world and how to more effectively move within it. You could learn from this.

            Your implication that the relationship affects my opinion is unfounded. As you have repeatedly pointed out, I still offer no opinion on the Palmaz matter, nor will I. I remain utterly neutral on the matter, other than my comments regarding the nature of the discussion itself.

          • Jim, thanks for confirming you lied to everyone when you tried pretending to be an objective outsider, smh.

          • I stand by all my comments and will discuss them with anyone who is open, intelligent and reasonable.

            Thank you for consistently proving that you are none of the above. Rather you remain a bitter, obtuse idiot, in addition to being a spineless coward. Fortunately, these relevant facts pertaining to your lack of character and integrity are now on display for anyone reading these comments.

            Have a nice day!

          • Well said, all, Jim. Thank you. Like you, I generally say attacking your opponent’s character only weakens your own position. However, when you actually make a far superior argument, but your opponent does not listen or respond civilly, or even acknowledge what you said, but continues to attack over and over, here in a pattern of insults sprayed in all directions at all who disagree with him, after repeated turning of the other cheek, we all have been conditioned by Hollywood and even good literature to enjoy that moment of satisfaction when you finally let the villain have it. Like the majority of moderate Republicans and Democrats, I disagree with Drumpf about always fighting back, but it does have it’s place on occasion.

          • Thank you, David. We have not always agreed on things, but our paths are largely parallel and I always find your points worth honest consideration. You also know from our many exchanges over the years how I normally conduct myself. This ‘Me’ character deserves no such respect and, in fact, would likely benefit from a sound paddling of the derrière from his mother and sent to their room without supper. Nothing but a bitter, childish troll wasting other people’s time. There is clearly a reason for the anonymity, as such a person would never be able to openly show their face in public without receiving heaping doses of scorn from the adults in the room.

          • “The result is that I am left with the inclination to favor the case made by Mr. Hyde.”

            “I remain utterly neutral on the matter, other than my comments regarding the nature of the discussion itself”

            Jim, you’re going in circles. Also, I will take it you both think Ryan’s father is also a “spineless coward” for posting under the pseudonym “cinci” ?

          • As regards ‘Cinci’, this has the ring of a possible nickname, so I would be less inclined to quick judgement. The fact that you are able to identify ‘Cinci’ As Ryan’s father tells me my suspicion was right on track.

            Would you be so forthright as to identify yourself to the other commenters here? I don’t think you have it in you, but I am willing to be proven wrong.

            As to talking in circles, you clearly lack an understanding of context and the intent to educate you about how you are damaging your cause through your childish behavior. Seriously, work on those reading comprehension skills. You need them.

          • Jim, need I remind you what the word objective means?

            Anyone with any kind of reading comprehension could identify cinci. Also, same note, I used the term “going in circles” not “talking”. I felt it appropriate in the context. Would you rather me use the term “flip flopper”? I know I’m no match for two experienced blabbers, I mean bloggers like you, so I will leave you two to finish patting each other’s backs. I guess I was wrong to think David might actually want some honest feed back from the community, silly me. Anyhoo, enjoy the echo chamber gentlemen.

          • …aaaaaand ‘Me’ bolts. It appears I was right, insufficient backbone to admit who they really are.

            Interesting that the person took the time to search me on the web, probably looking for something negative, but no time to consider or comment on my constructive suggestions. Such a sad commentary on the individual.

        • “Me” first of all, 75 comments so far in three days on a topic most people are already sick of does not make an echo chamber, but it would be nice to have one now if it were possible while you lurk in the dark around your screen, a slimy creature under a bridge, both attracted and repelled by LIGHT. If anyone has created a vacuum here going forward, it is you who have slithered up on and bitten nearly everyone who expressed views opposed to the Genesee Seven, to the point people are now afraid to share. As for Jim, while you are slinking around his web presence, perhaps you will begin to observe a pattern of humanitarian and selfless acts of service and kindness. Me, I’m just lucky to have friends with more talent than I have.

          • David,

            I think you oversell my worth a bit. I may have to be more rude to you in the future to balance that out. 😉

  • I thought it was a well written, unbiased and well thought out article. The FACT is they met all legal guidelines to construct and use the helipad, regardless of what anyone’s OPINIONS are. Some people may not like the situation but it sounds like nothing illegal was done. If the majority of people don’t like what happened then do something about it for the future and rally to change the laws. Lastly, the FACT is the neighbors can’t here the noise. Concerns about wildlife? Animals are nothing if not resilient so
    unless there is a critically endangered animal in the area, well then what’s the issue? Just my thoughts.

    • Lg, think again, I will get my unbiased opinions from people who don’t have contracts with Mr. Palmaz. Also, I agree, the article was so well written David had to rewrite it in the comments section, hehe.

      • You do realize there is a big difference between having a photography contract with someone in place versus, say a big corporation contract right? I somehow don’t think David is having his life financed by them as you seem to imply. Yes he makes a living at photography and yes they are one of his customers but so what? And when someone looks like they are having fun at someone else’s expense (your comment above to me “…he he” it’s impossible from that point forward to take anything they say seriously. Keep it fact based and professional not personal and maybe someone will take you seriously.

      • Being a photographer that has a contract with the ranch is a far cry from a contract with a major corporation where political views come into play. Sure David gets paid by them for his work but he has many clients. I am sure he doesn’t make his entire living from them. If you want to be taken seriously perhaps consider not trolling a thread and especially ending it with “he he”. Hard to take anyone seriously that ends a statement that way.

  • How about if we all just give the Palmaz family a heads up for building a Helipad in Genesse Valley that will a allow a life flight Helicopter to land there in the event of a dire emergency.

  • Good point Nansi,

    Or also allowing National Guard and other government Helos to use the facility in the event of evacuations, in turn probably saving the arses of the same people who complain about the helipad that was there with Neff that people didn’t create such a stink about. Where was all the up-roar then, why is Palmez being treated different than Neff?

    Geezus people find a way to co-exist, the extremist thinking and rhetoric of the Left and Right have corrupted your ability for rational thought and compromise. There has got be a way to solve this that can be mutually satisfactory to all parties and not stay dug in like single minded tics clinging to your talking points.

    • Majority in the middle, I thought you might like to know that the author David Hyde and his friend Jim stabiston, who lied to everyone when he pretended to be an objective outsider, think any one posting under a pseudonym like yours, or mine is a ‘spineless coward’ who’s comments should be ‘disregarded’.

  • Well said, “Majority in the Middle.” I have often advocated for more moderation in many aspects of these issues. We need dialog, not judgement, twisting facts and quick faulty assumptions. Seems like some folks often practice activism for activism’s sake, while the other extreme accuses environmentalists of merely being in it for all the big bucks they make off of advocacy…really? Why can’t we make money AND restore the planet? Why can’t we have business success AND do it in an Earth-friendly way? Why do the environment and prosperity have to be mutually exclusive? Mainly because there is just way too much either/or thinking at both extremes.

  • Let’s get back to issue. Plumas County General Plan says No Airport in Genesee. Planning Dept. says to wait for required Special Use Permit for airport – even as it allows construction of, then finals a “barn/storage building” — with hangar and concrete landing pad. Planning Director decides a helicopter is equivalent to a truck and an airport a barn, and further allows airports on ALL County lands zoned AG without usual, legally prescribed, Board and public review process. We appealed Decision to Board. It refused to hear appeal for not being submitted on required form, even though form wasn’t available at County offices. It’s not true Neff used helicopters. It IS true Care Flight lands wherever needed. It matters. Think why.

    • Elisa, thanks for the links. It is interesting to see a similar debate in highly developed urban/suburban environments. Both areas in the linked reports are surrounded by airports, both large and small, are very developed and have massive amounts of vehicular and air traffic and hardly bucolic, especially NYC! One would think it wouldn’t be such a sensitive issue, but I guess some things never change.

      And in a bit of serendipitous timing, a police helicopter just flew overhead as I was typing this!

      • Jim, most of the debates are not similar, except on the surface. Elisa is changing the basis on you and drawing you into her fallacies, just as she has done with others who care about natural places, relying on you not knowing the case’s details, or the legal nuances. Helicopters can be a noise nuisance, but not as mitigated here, elaborated on above. Some counties have misinterpreted their own zoning laws, but not ours. Nor did our planners misapply our General plan or its definitions as elsewhere. The “Friends” case has already been rejected, as has one appeal. There is only one more chance for a higher court appeal. Knowing this, the friends repeat emotional pleas hoping for some imagined end run or at least to sway public opinion.

  • Elisa, I won’t repeat the definitions that remain what they are legally, not what you wish or try to convince people they are. You may believe it helps your case to call the ranch manager, me and others liars about Neff’s helicopter landings, but 1. It’s irrelevant to what you need to prove to win; 2. I have an original clipping of the actual London Times ad Neff ran describing the helipad and 3. The landings will not be hard to prove in a court of law if necessary. Little of the rest of what you say above, in your Opinion Article or elsewhere actually works as you claim it does legally. I have tried to warn you all along litigation is not a contest of wills, powers of persuasion or the love of a pure Genesee. It is based on existing…

  • Me;

    I read all the comments, don’t include me in with you. When your replies are filled with insults it corrupts the point you are trying to convey and makes you a target for using pseudonym name. Keep it civil and you probably won’t be called out for using one.


    • “Failure to identify oneself, as most of the critics are doing here, is an act of cowardice that brings into question the integrity of intent by the anonymous commenter”

      -Jim stabiston

      “Well said, all, Jim. Thank you”

      -david Hyde

      Majority in the middle, You should probably identify yourself, unless you want to be included in ridicule by the author and his friend Jim stabiston, who lied to everyone when he pretended to be an objective outsider. Don’t blame me.

    • Majority in the Middle,

      Thank you for independently affirming my very simple points regarding the importance of how an argument is presented in a debate. Even a sound argument will suffer and likely be ignored if imbedded in a slew of insults and vindictive.

      • Jim, if your points were so simple to prove, why did you have to lie to everyone, and pretend to be an objective outsider?

  • Why is this “Helipad” continually being called an “airport”? Factual accuracy folks, factual accuracy. The term “Airport” evokes images of planes, helos, passengers and traffic day & night or at least being used as often as Gansner Field. Just how many times a day or year is it being used? Calling it an airport is blowing it out of proportion. It’s a 1/2 truth as if on purpose to elicit a passionately negative response to manipulate others. Any such manipulative 1/2 truths should be withheld from either side of this issue.


    a complex of runways and buildings for the takeoff, landing, and maintenance of civil aircraft, with facilities for passengers.


    a landing and takeoff area for…

    • “Failure to identify oneself, as most of the critics are doing here, is an act of cowardice that brings into question the integrity of intent by the anonymous commenter”

      -Jim stabiston

      “Well said, all, Jim. Thank you”

      -david Hyde

      Majority in the middle, You should probably identify yourself, unless you want to be included in ridicule by the author and his friend Jim stabiston, who lied to everyone when he pretended to be an objective outsider. Don’t blame me.

    • Helipad only describes one piece of the illegally built palmaz airport. If the helicopter is “farm equipment” and the hanger for it is a “barn” then their “drive way” is runway and the “ranch house” is a facility for passengers. Do you see how this game works?

  • Plumaz County, that’s funny!

  • Well Me, since I don’t get insulting, always try to remain objective, stick to facts and see things from both sides that is probably why I haven’t been called out for using a “handle” by these folks you at war with on here. Again, stop trying to align me with you in that regard, that dog don’t hunt.

    • Majority, It doesn’t really matter to me, so long as you know the author David Hyde and his friend Jim stabiston, who lied to everyone when he pretended to be an objective outsider, think you’re a “spineless coward” whose comments should be “disregarded”.

  • “Helipad only describes one piece of the illegally built palmaz airport. If the helicopter is “farm equipment” and the hanger for it is a “barn” then their “drive way” is runway and the “ranch house” is a facility for passengers. Do you see how this game works?”

    That”s a stretch and not exactly “factual” by the definitions of Heliport and Airport as I see it. You are entitled to your opinion but final findings and determinations aren’t usually based on opinions they are based on facts. Calling it “illegal” is a bit premature, not proven and singularly inflammatory as well.

    I get you are close to and invested in the out come, I am not, I can be objective and observe from outside the box, I have no skin in this “game” as…

  • All I have to say is people in Genesee have way too much time on your hands – most people wouldn’t own or have a home in Genesee if it weren’t for new development. Quit smoking so much of that stuff you’re growing and live and let live. So much of this sounds so petty and self important. Put up a roadblock at the cut off to antelope lake and Hwy 70 and one at the campground in Taylorsville, and call it good for the environment – no more cars in Genesee Valley- and god forbid those loud four wheelers. This is embarrassing. Dear Friends of Genesee- set your sights higher in light of climate change, extreme heat, wildfires, and drought. Remember the strides made in the 1980s – get to work on the Plumas National Forest and Region. Focus.

    • Dorette, are you suggesting plumas residents ignore the general plan, break zoning laws, and develop where ever and what ever they would like? If this is your thought, I suggest we build a dump and shoot next to your home, live and let live, right, sweetheart?

      • Mini Me, your creepy condescension is right up with your deranged senile ignorance and thinly veiled threats of violence and attacks on each participant here with whom you disagree. From your foaming mouth it appears you have never read the General Plan. Even most similar scumbag bullies by first grade learn not to underestimate people. Maybe as you stalk and ooze around Dorette’s web presence you will learn about conservation. Obviously as a do nothing vampire trying to get your crooked black teeth into good people, you have never had many resources yourself and cannot imagine how a family with more would thoroughly legally investigate a situation BEFORE buying the land. Many other Sierra ranches are within the Palmaz family budget.

        • Nice meltdown, David. The first and only thing I will address with you, there is no threat of violence in suggesting ,hypothetically, that we build a landfill/shooting range in someone’s backyard, dangerous and noisy, I’ll agree, but so are airports.

          • STOP Mini Me. Everyone sees your bids for attention, glad for either good or bad. I might laugh about YOUR meltdown here in front of the whole county and world, as so many people above logically liquidated you, if I wasn’t shaking my head and wondering how you became so destructive to yourself and your own cause. Your shilling for the Enemies of Genesee has helped bring attention to their extremism and contortions of logic. Many people have reached out to me worried at your psychopathic and sociopathic patterns. Now you are on Facebook using your real name. Big Mistake. The game is up. We know exactly who you are, J. B.. Stop, or I will disclose to all your real name, besides, much of what you’ve written is slanderous.

          • David, was your opinion piece not one big bid for attention? For the attention and sympathy of Plumas County residents? Again, please stop being so hypocritical. I know you want to distract and make this issue about me, but it isn’t. It is about the future developement of our county. BTW, I found your Facebook page too.

            ” Facebook friends please help me out and make a comment if you support the family or like my piece. I’m not getting so much beaten up by trolls, as out numbered by them”


          • John Baron, “Me”, Mini Me, Hypocrite, Jackass, Psycho, whatever your name truly is, did you also use a fake name on Facebook? Please let us know so that people here and elsewhere, rather than resorting to threats of violence like you do, can help defend the Palmaz Family and the cause of common decency, democracy and civil discourse in our local venues and pages by complaining to the editors of the paper or reporting you to Facebook. One or the other or both applies. There are lots of reasons for hiding your identity, aren’t there Psycho Baron? One is probably so that authorities and law enforcement cannot investigate YOUR background… carry on, keep digging…

  • Christopher Palmaz has already taken over 1200 hours of Napa County Planning Department time on his private heliport application, which has been turned down by the Planning Commission (4-1) and the Airport Land Use Commission (6-1). He has appealed the decision to the Board of Supervisors to be heard in July, after the June 5 vote on Measure D.

    Meanwhile, since April 24, 2018, the Palmaz family has donated $116,000 to “Committee for a Responsible Napa County– No on MEASURE D, 2018”. They also contributed $15,780 to Bill Dodd’s senate campaign since 2015 as of late last year.


  • Nobody cares. Comparing apples to baseballs. Glad he is persistent. Go Christian. Down with Trolls.

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