In gratitude

I’m a resident of Sierra County in Goodyear’s Bar.  I visit your beautiful Sierra Valley several times a year to birdwatch near the Steel Bridge.  Last week my friend and I were out on the Marble Hot Springs Road watching a Bittern in the reeds, when my truck broke down.  The key wouldn’t turn in the ignition no matter how much we jiggled the steering wheel etc.  While we were trying to get the key to turn, a car pulled up behind us and a young man named “Rick” (from Portola) got out of his car and offered to help us!

He spent at least half an hour trying everything he knew to get the key to turn, but didn’t have any luck! He even offered to use his rope and tow us! Sheesh! Luckily my friend is a AAA member, and we opted to call them.  We were eventually towed by “Eddie” from Crescent Towing in Portola.  He was another amazing helper to us and an incredibly skilled driver of that huge tow truck!  My friend and I are so grateful for these two kind and helpful strangers that made our day, during these stressful social distancing times!  Thank you Rick and Eddie!

Katie from Goodyear’s Bar