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Is the card game of bridge fading?

Years ago, while I was in college, bridge was a great, inexpensive way of entertainment away from studies. My friends and I just learned the basics and thoroughly enjoyed the game and social time. Then, when my kids were young, we could enjoy an evening of cards with friends without the need of a babysitter.

Unfortunately today, the generations behind me are looking for entertainment elsewhere. How I do hate to see this game forgotten!

Originally, upon moving here, I enjoyed weekly social bridge games with several people; yet, they were mostly of my own generation. But life does get in the way, and as time continued, many of these game players have disappeared from our community.

Those that stayed started up duplicate bridge where people would partner up and play weekly games: Games that not only rewarded offense but also defense. But now I see that this form is dwindling as well.

Well, I have to say, this is one game that exercises the brain more so than any other form! And getting out in the community, meeting new people is so important. Since my college days, new conventions emerged with always lots more to learn. Each hand becomes a challenge.

So, seeing the need to keep this game alive, a few years back, I started teaching several friends bridge with some of those conventions. Once the basics were learned, the added conventions could be absorbed into their knowledge of the game.

I want to put it out there to people in the community who are looking for something fun to do, especially during the winter. Duplicate bridge can start up once again beginning in January, but only if there are enough people interested. Social bridge can also continue.

If you are interested in social bridge and/or duplicate bridge, in the Graeagle/Blairsden and Portola area, please contact me. Let’s keep this game alive! I can be reached at [email protected]

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