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It’s encouraging to see the number of people running for local office

They’ve done their part; we must do ours

The filing deadline for the Nov. 6 election has come and gone and it’s encouraging to see the number of individuals who filed to run for local office.

Eleven people are vying for four seats on the Portola City Council. Three are incumbents and at least two who have held elected office before, but most are newcomers to having their names appear on a ballot. It’s heartening to see that level of interest in what can often be a thankless job. There are a lot of positive things happening in the city such as the push for increased recreational opportunities, which would serve local needs and bolster the economy, but there are also some acute challenges such as ailing infrastructure and a defunct fire department. The long list of diverse candidates will provide some intriguing choices for Portola voters.

The health care districts, with the exception of Indian Valley, also have drawn some new names into the mix, which is another positive development. It indicates that individuals are engaged in their communities and want to be part of ensuring that health care needs are met.

When it comes to education, it would appear that county residents are pleased with what’s been happening for the most part. There are no challengers for the three incumbents who are seeking to retain their seats on the Plumas Unified School District governing board. And there is only one challenger for one of the three seats set for election on the Feather River College board of trustees. Trent Saxton, a name familiar to readers of this newspaper, will be a new face on the college board. Saxton was the only one to file papers to represent the eastern end of the county. Indian Valley’s representative, Guy McNett, is being challenged by Margaret Garcia. In the interest of full disclosure, Margaret Garcia is an employee of this newspaper.

The full slate of candidates for all local races has now been established. Each of the individuals running has done his or her part. He or she has taken an interest in governance at the most local level possible and is willing to make a commitment — not only to run a campaign and all that it entails, but to devote the time and energy needed to serve, often at personal sacrifice.

So, it’s our turn, the registered voters in Plumas County, to take the time to ferret out whom we think would best represent us. Prior to the Nov. 6 election, we will be introducing the candidates to the electorate. While Portola residents, and those residing within particular healthcare districts, will be the only ones who can vote in those races, McNett and Garcia will be running at-large throughout the county.

Remember, Plumas County votes strictly by mail now. Ballots will be sent out the week of Oct. 8 and people can begin turning them in immediately. Candidates need to have their voices heard early and we need to take the time to listen.

2 thoughts on “It’s encouraging to see the number of people running for local office

  • It is well known that Trent Saxton is a bigot who has repeatedly used homophobic and sexist slurs on social media. It would be a stain on our community and higher education to have him serve on the feather river college board of trustees.

    • Yep. What an embarrassment that no one else even put their name in. This is the type of thing that makes this county tough to stomach. Can someone please run a strong write in campaign?

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