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It’s wedding season

We’d like to share your photos

Each week as we select the stories and photos for our four Plumas County newspapers, we try to include a cross section of news — from governmental meetings and decisions to community events to breaking news. We choose articles and photos that pertain specifically to each community’s newspaper, as well as those that are of a countywide interest. Our reporters write most of what we publish, but there is also a sampling of organizational press releases and reader submissions.

An area of coverage that used to be quite popular, but that has waned over the past few years, is engagements and wedding announcements. We are happy to print photos and notices for both. It’s easy to email us a photo along with a description of your special day. As we have stated before, our emphasis on this newspaper is hyper local and we enjoy sharing our residents’ milestones from the birth announcements to high school graduations to new business ventures to life tributes. Engagements and weddings are an important part of this effort.

Living with the threat of fire

As the finishing touches were being put on this editorial, the Carr Fire was raging near Redding, obliterating entire neighborhoods. It also coincided with the one-year anniversary of the Minerva Fire, which broke out July 29, 2017, near Quincy. We were lucky. That fire came at a time when fires weren’t threatening more populated areas. At the height of the Minerva Fire, there were 1,800 firefighters battling the blaze, with crews from across the state and beyond positioned in town prepared to protect structures.

What if the Minerva Fire had broken out just a little later in the season when the communities of Napa, Sonoma, Calistoga and Santa Rosa were being ravaged by fire? Would we have been allocated the same amount of resources?

In this week’s Portola Reporter, there’s a story about neighbors pulling together to build defensible spaces around their homes. It’s an admirable endeavor and one that’s necessary. But after watching the wall of flames devour portions of Redding during the Carr Fire or those that descended upon the wine country last fall, it all seems a bit out of our control and beyond what we can truly fathom. That being said, every little bit helps and might give firefighters the footholds they need to make a stand.

In addition to those efforts, we can’t be complacent with our evacuation kits and plans and be lulled into thinking that we would have time to prepare. If we have learned anything from the fires in Redding or the Napa Valley, it’s to be ready to go at a moment’s notice because you never know when or where that ember will fall.

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