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Let’s work together

I appreciate the letter to the editor from the Almanor resident regarding
hate in the county and country. I also respect that the writer left
politics as well as the cliche “hate speech requires censored speech” meme
out of his argument. He’s quite prescient in recommending the antidote to
the hate is love! So, I wanted to expand on the idea of rebuilding our souls with love, as
we detox the hate.

At a deeper level, true love is not just organic; it takes work. Love is
based on morality, and transcending past organic morality (don’t hurt
others etc.) requires learning how to find truth in this complicated
world. In other words, real love vs. blind love is based on one’s efforts
to research and verify that what they love is truly of a moral essence.

Finding truth and attaining a higher moral perspective in this world
requires objectively learning all sides of any issue. This means
researching without bias, with the only goal being identifying truth.
I don’t see much of this in our country. What I see is politically
polarized sentiment coming from both extremist parties we are stuck with.
Modern politics works by fishing for and then exacerbating our hatred.
Don’t buy into this. Love and truth will not abound through politics. It’s
up to the INDIVIDUAL!

Our country was founded on freedom for “we the people.” We need to come
together and save the planet for your kids. That can’t happen in a divided
country. Please, don’t show hate, try to educate, but first find the
truth — that requires that you educate yourself without a biased or
subjective perspective. Hey — put on The Who, “Love Reign Over Me”, have a
tear, have no fear, then find that love!!!

Robert Milne

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