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Letter to the Editor: 76 percent of Americans believe climate change is real

A September 2021 survey completed by the Yale Program on Climate Change revealed seventy-six percent of Americans believe climate change is happening. This is an all time high since Yale started polling in 2008.


Why this jump? Because Americans now hear news of climate disasters on a regular basis. And definitely because more and more Americans are directly affected by fires, drought, excessive heat, bigger storms, and flooding.


Plumas County has dealt with devastating, uncontrollable wildfires. Homes have burned and lives have been interrupted. You may have been evacuated once or maybe three or four times. Did your homeowner’s insurance go up or have you lost insurance because you can’t afford it? And then there is the never ending smoky air we deal with. Summer for many of us has become a nightmare!


My hope is that Congress will eventually compromise and pass the Build Back Better Act which includes money to combat climate change, including forest management, clean energy, and carbon sequestration. Yes, some jobs will be lost, but studies show that if done right more jobs will be created. The cost of doing nothing is so much more expensive than tackling the problem right now.

Robbin Anderson

Portola, CA

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