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Letter to the Editor: A debt of gratitude for what he did

Americans owe President Biden a debt of gratitude for successfully ending America’s longest and most unnecessary invasion/occupation of the unarmed nation of Afghanistan. After almost 20 years of being there, the costs in dollars and deaths are staggering. It cost Americans $300 million/day (109.5 billion/year) for a total of $2.74 trillion.

Total deaths were: 2,442 US Military, 3,846 US Contractors, 1,144 Allied troops, 69,000 National Military and Police, 47,254 civilians, 51,191 Opposition fighters, 72 Journalists/media workers, 444 Humanitarian aid workers for a total of about 174,000 human beings.

And why were we there in the first place? As horrendous as 9/11 was, it was not a declaration of war on America rather it was a deadly criminal act committed by 19 terrorists of which 15 were Saudi Arabian. Instead of treating 911 as a criminal act, President Bush committed war crimes by invading two essentially unarmed nations that did nothing against the USA. The main reasons for these war crimes is that war is very profitable for America’s war industry and their bribed politicians, and a ‘war president’ is always very popular with Americans especially right-wingers. And, of course, all that oil for the taking…

War criminal W. Bush didn’t end the war in Afghanistan for obvious reasons and Obama didn’t have the guts to do it. The twice-impeached traitor, president Trump, couldn’t personally profit from a pullout, so instead he negotiated the February 2020 surrender document with the Taliban (not the Afghan government) and allowed 5,000 of the most dangerous Taliban/ISIS terrorists to be released from prison including ‘hardcore ISIS commanders, trainers and bomb makers’. Trump also withdrew 1000’s of soldiers leaving only 2,5000 troops in Afghanistan. Trump sabotaged the entire Afghanistan situation and left the mess for President Biden – typical of Republicans.

The corporate news media and right-wing propaganda outlets (Fox News, etc.) wrote gushing article after article on getting America into war and then wrote article after article trashing Biden’s extremely successful withdrawal from Afghanistan. It isn’t like Biden caused the deaths of 600,000+ Americans…

What did the news media expect from this operation – marching bands, dancers, parades, and a red carpet? Despite being sandbagged by Trump’s surrender agreement, Biden evacuated a historic 124,000 humans, rendered billion$ of military equipment inoperable, and exited Afghanistan precisely on time.

Unfortunately, 13 American soldiers and 100’s of Afghans were killed. ISIS-K took ‘credit’ for these deaths. If only Trump didn’t negotiate the release of those 5000 Taliban/ISIS prisoners…

No Americans were ‘left behind’. Americans were given months of noticed to evacuate. Any American still in Afghanistan was their choice and currently (9/9/21) the Kabul Airport is open and Americans and Afghanis are exiting Afghanistan.

Thanks President Biden for your courage and great job in getting America out of Afghanistan. And, special thanks to Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA) who was the only member of Congress with the courage and foresight to vote NO on this invasion/occupation.

Mark Mihevc



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