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Letter to the Editor: A few things to know about Sheriff Todd Johns

As the Sheriff’s daughter there are a few things about him that I think everyone should know. My hope is that I can articulate them in this letter and present you with some perspective.

Growing up my father demonstrated strong leadership for my brother and I to follow, along with instilling many beneficial values to carry me through life.

Todd Johns is the kind of person that leads by example. His example of service and dedication to serving others in the Air Force and at the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office for over 31 years  is what motivated me to want to serve the youth of Plumas County as an Elementary School Teacher and a coach. It also inspired my brother to serve as a law enforcement officer.

My dad has always gone above and beyond to give back to the county where he was born and raised. I remember feeling proud and inspired every time I saw him out around the community patrolling, or on the sidelines in the gym helping coach my basketball and volleyball teams. There is no question that he is there for the citizens of Plumas County and involved in trying to service our small communities any way he can.

Aside from the dedication to service he demonstrated, he also taught me respect, diligence, honesty, and compassion. Growing up I fondly remember him bringing home a baby quail he found on the side of the road so that we could put it under a heat lamp and try to rehabilitate it. He also spent way more than anyone should on vet bills to try to save my pet hamster. Although these were only small acts, they were moments that truly stick in my memory because they showed such caring. This caring and compassion have also been visible during the traumatic events of the last couple of years, along with diligence and the other values I referenced earlier.

While COVID was running its course Sheriff Johns was constantly checking and responding to emails and calls from areas all over the county. The whole Sheriff’s Office was working tirelessly to adjust to constantly changing protocols and deadlines. Then this led into awful wildfires where the Sheriff’s Department had to work non-stop with virtually no time off while under incredible stress and demand.

During the time the Dixie Fire was burning I was lucky to see my dad a couple times a month. My mom and I evacuated our home twice on our own while he was out helping with necessary duties. The couple times I did see him his phone was going off non-stop with texts and phone calls. I remember him talking about how hard everyone was working and all the feats that were being accomplished with this historical fire. The Sheriff’s Office and Law Enforcement Mutual Aid did countless patrols and evacuations during this wildfire event. It is truly astounding to know all that was accomplished during the time. All under the leadership of our Sheriff.

Another thing I feel the need to address is the message being spread that portrays my father as not caring about employees at the Sheriff’s Office. I find it incredibly odd and shocking that this is what people are trying to insinuate. The reason it is so surprising to me is because my family grew up going to BBQ’s, lake days, poker nights, golf tournaments, and weddings with these people. The Sheriffs Office is family away from family. I know that my dad has deep care, respect and compassion for those at the Sheriff’s Department. He has done his best to take their needs into consideration while also taking care of the needs for the whole county.

I know the other candidate has stated that if elected he will be able to catch up and get up to speed on OES duties, the budget, and make the necessary connections. However, we don’t have the gift of time on our side. As a county we are in a critical time. We have no CAO, auditor, or behavioral health director. We are in the midst of a huge jail project, wildfire recovery, and mental health fall out post covid and wildfires. We need to continue to keep making progress forward. With the chaos of the last couple of years I have not seen anything that warrants my father being forced out of a career of service that he loves, and into an early retirement. He is committed to all of you, the citizens of this amazing county, and he is motivated to continue to do the work that needs to be done.  This includes building back the morale with the staff that has been lost during the prior two years of devastation. I hope this has given you some new perspective.

Katelyn Johns


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