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Letter to the Editor: A Letter of Thanks and Recognition

On Monday, December 19th, Indian Valley enjoyed a Community Supper at the Taylorsville Hall which was attended by over 700 people from around the valley. I saw people from Greenville, Crescent Mills, Indian Falls, Taylorsville, Genesee, North Arm and all points in between! Many come from those who settled the valley, many who are new to the valley and have chosen to make it home. We are truly rebuilding.

At the back of the hall a table was laden with soups and stew, one with breads, rolls and salad, another with various desserts, while at the front, the stage was decorated in Christmas wonder, it was covered in toys, there was also a chair in which Santa set. Other tables filled the center, there was not one empty seat. I can truly say the offerings were outstanding!

But! None of this would not happen if not for the undertaking of those that volunteer. The person that made it happen is Debbie Allen. She began this task several months ago, I believe it was sometime in June that she approached me about volunteering to donate for this cause. I know she put in several hundred hours soliciting help asking for donations, volunteers and putting in many hours to bring this event together, I personally and publicly would like to thank her for bringing this joyful event to the community. I also thank each individual for your time and donations in helping Debbie to make it so successful.

Susan Doran

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