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Letter to the Editor: A little background

One of the difficulties that amateurs and first timers face when participating in a public candidate forum is that voters tend to listen to the ideas put forth, and therefore responsibility for advocacy is unavoidable. The fact that a simple review of statements made in that setting, and an editorial letter by myself resulted in a borderline hysterical screed chock full of personal attacks is a bit sad. Fortunately I have a thick skin and an unwavering belief in free speech, and always enjoy a good chortle.

The phrase, “Character is revealed under Stress” is a true one.

This letter is not about me at all, but since I was attacked, let me admit to a couple of things.

I was not born in the back of a covered wagon in Johnsville while my grandmother toiled underground in the mines. No, I have been coming up this way for over 60 years, but have only owned property here for a couple of decades. My Dad taught at what was then called Sac State, and we would come up every Summer. The fact that Plumas County is 90 percent the same as it was in 1965 is why my family loves it so much. The inside of my work locker at the Santa Barbara Fire Department was covered with pictures of Plumas County for over 33 years. Why did I work two jobs while my wife worked full time? Our dream was to retire up here. We have done so. I make no apologies for loving life here and wanting the pace of change to be well managed.

I know many realtors, and as I clearly stated in my first letter, several of them are swell people. Some of my realtor friends are extremely successful, and they would laugh at the suggestion that they are not out to close every deal and develop everything they can develop. But then they are confident folks, secure within themselves and possessing those rare qualities: a sense of proportion and a sense of humor.

Many of us, when encountering people displaying unbalanced and out of proportion behaviors, will try to help those in need. Many of us will pray for them. Certainly, they need to seek help. Just as certainly, what they do not need to seek is elective office. Please join me and mine as we vote to retain District 5 Supervisor Jeff Engel.

Thanks Again,

Stan Thompson


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