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Letter to the Editor: A system designed to have barriers

From our part-time neighbor, Bob Sertich,  highlighting our health care issues, state wide and locally…
After day one of 65+ vaccine opportunity in Sac County, I am becoming more convinced that the government’s response with the vaccines is aimed at reducing the burden on the Social Security and Medicaid Trust Funds. Here are the facts: If you are 65 or older and you contract the virus, you have about a one in eight chance of dying. In California and many other large states, only a fraction of that age group has been vaccinated nor will be until the end of March. Most vaccination sites offered by the government require online access. It is well documented that this age group is less tech oriented than any other adult group. The health care provider that serves the largest Medicaid population in California is not receiving a share of vaccines proportionate with that group. Health care companies have used vaccines even on non front line staff, many of whom continue to work remotely. Finally, my acquaintances who have “ jumped the line” inform me that no verification was required at the site of age, occupation etc. so these are my alternative facts folks. A pretty well designed system to put barriers up.

Tim Hardie


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