Letter to the Editor: A vote for democracy and Social Security

This November’s election will determine if the USA remains a democracy or deteriorates into a fascist dictatorship. Sadly, a fascist dictatorship has always been the main goal of the Republican Party especially since FDR.

Here’s what will happen under American fascism: First to go is the ACA (aka Obamacare). A Texas Court has ruled Obamacare unconstitutional and is being appealed in the Supreme Court. They will hear the case after the election. The Republican dominant (stolen) Supreme Court will rule the same. There is no replacement so the insurance industry will reinstate annual and lifetime benefits, denying required healthcare, reinstate preexisting conditions limitations, and no premium cost controls.

With the stolen Supreme Court, Medicare and Medicaid will also be ruled ‘unconstitutional’. Funny how things that promote the general welfare is unconstitutional.

Trump, thru executive order, removed the requirement to pay FICA taxes (Social Security and Medicare) and if re-elected, will remove that requirement altogether. In three years Social Security will be bankrupt and goes away. This is provided that the stolen right-wing Supreme Court doesn’t declare it unconstitutional immediately.


Peaceful protests, like the ones in ‘blue cities’, will be met with armed governmental and ‘brown shirts’ thugs, just like what Trump ordered. The majority of rioting, looting, and destruction was from provocateurs – people not associated with the protests and whose sole goal was to cause unrest. Trump of course lied about this – there is ample proof that the majority of destruction was caused by Trump-loving goons.

It’s a joke that impeached President Trump is the ‘law and order’ guy and that his lemming followers parrot his lies. The Trump Administration has 236 officials charged with federal crimes and many already in jail. Compared this to Obama – zero indictments, zero convictions zero sent to prison.

If you are an America and democracy loving person, you must vote for Democracy and that is voting for Biden and all Democrats down ballot.

Mark Mihevc