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Letter to the Editor: A ‘well regulated militia’ is not one man

If you read my Letter ‘He didn’t “provide medical care”’, it explains how the Kenosha killer brought a military weapon into a public place, killed 2 and wounded another. He claimed self-defense. Self-defense is when your life is legitimately threatened, are backed into a corner, and there is no other escape but to protect yourself. This did not happen, but the jury said this is perfectly ok. Saying murder is legal in Wisconsin is simply hyperbole, but how else would you term killing a person or people, asserting falsely self-defense, and get away with it? I watch most of the hearing – did any of you?

There is never a time or reason in a civil society/democracy when it is OK for civilians to parade around with any visible gun, let alone a weapon of war. Nobody is safe when civilians are brandishing any firearm.

There is no right in the Constitution to keep and bear arms. The 2nd Amendment is quite clear: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” A ‘well regulated militia’ is a state’s National Guard and weapons are now housed at the Guard’s headquarters.

And what does this American obsession with guns bring us? When you add in brainwashing, red-hot hatred, white supremacy, and racism you have unprecedented violent acts, murders and killings that are destroying our country. No one is safe under these conditions.

There were 170 school shootings this year alone. Children are being murdered. Republicans are wondering ‘when do we get to use our guns’? Republican Congress members are making animations of killing Democratic Congress members. Republican family winter holiday photos have Congress members and children holding military weapons. School board members and teachers across the country are experiencing violent and hateful attacks and threats to their lives. Mothers and their children are being accosted by the unmasked because they are wearing masks.

Could someone tell us all why Republicans are so angry, hateful, and want to destroy our democracy? What is so wrong with our country and their own lives that these people have to go so far as to commit an insurrection against our democracy and a desire to kill fellow Americans?

Mark Mihevc




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