Letter to the Editor: About some previous letters

1) Using quotes from Robert Kennedy Jr. (the most well known anti-vax propagandist around), is not the convincing argument the writer implies.

2) The VAERS info has been debunked, (which, by the way, took a whole 15 seconds to find out!), by Rueters:”… which fails to mention that anyone can report events to VAERS and that the database contains unverified information…”.
Also, “So I guess I fell to MS, or a similar nerve dis-ease.” Well, as long as he’s guessing, instead of seeing a doctor for a real diagnosis, I’ll hesitate taking his advice on medical issues!
Lastly, I preferred him calling me “the c-road bumpkin” over “the dude from Blairsden”.

3) Trent Saxton is leaving: I’ve gone back and forth with this guy over the years, (never agreeing on ANYTHING!), But I will say that Plumas County will be  a much kinder, less hate filled place because of his absence!. Don’t let the door hit ‘ya!!
And for one final time, HE’S  NOT A DOCTOR!!!

Terry Southworth, C-Road