Letter to the Editor: About the bears

Regarding your article “Despite dogs and beefed up fencing, the bears persevere,” it’s not surprising that bears are desperate for food given that much of their wild food burned up in the PG&E Dixie fire. It’s very simple to keep bears away from homes, and keep them eating wild sources of food. NEVER PUT GARBAGE OUTSIDE- ESPECIALLY OVERNIGHT”! Keep trash in a bear-proof container, garage or outbuilding or put food waste in the freezer until the morning of trash day. Have a bird bath rather than bird feeder (which discourages natural bird migration and attracts animals). If bears continue to be an issue bang pots and pans together and yell to scare them away (a shotgun really is not necessary and just wakes up the neighborhood and puts everyone on edge).


Skip and Judy were right not to call the authorities as often animals end up injured, traumatized or killed, simply because humans are not responsible with their trash. Not cool. Bears are incredible, wild neighbors, but we’ve got to keep them that way and out of the habit of feeding in communities where conflicts inevitably occur. 


Let’s not forget the animals who have been killed, and continue to be killed using your property taxes: 68 black bears killed over the past decade, as well as more than 4192 other wild animals, many of whom died because “human animals” tempted them with food. Only you (and the board of supervisors) can prevent unnecessary suffering and death!


Josh Hart