Letter to the Editor: An asphalt plant near the river?

The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act was adopted in 1968 to preserve the nation’s special rivers. The Middle Fork of the Feather River was one of just 8 river segments that were originally included. It is to be sure, a very special river. According to the law, a United States river that earns this designation becomes “protected against development along its banks.” Obviously, the definition of “development” is subject to interpretation. But to consider that an asphalt plant would even be under consideration for location along the banks of this river in Delleker is to me, unimaginable. What are we thinking? I am retiring from the railroad this year and have bought a house in eastern Plumas County to be close to this beautiful stream. I am flabbergasted that we would tolerate such a “development” alongside the banks of our river, the lifeblood of Plumas County.
Ron Kaminkow
Portola, CA