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Letter to the Editor: Answering Political Correctness

Political Correctness is a weapon that wounds us all. Liberals don’t know where to draw the line with radicals.  Conservatives are moved to oppose PC, blind to all else.  Moderates are trapped by this “ends against the middle” combat.

In 2011, the Occupy Movement persuaded the Left not rely on leaders or organizations.  Diffuse, interpersonal social pressure was preferred.  By 2016, a Gallup/UVA poll said 73 percent of the public felt PC was a serious problem.  The same year, we chose a President who would never have been elected without PC to run against.

The problem is not with issues the Left espouses, most of which are contemporary extensions on classic American principles of equality and justice.  Trouble comes when fine principles are reduced to a thin disguise for self-superiority.

Speaking of equality while depicting one group as morally superior to another is a perversion of principle.  Try saying, “How can you demonize whole categories of people and still talk about equality?  Aren’t you the bigot here?”

A noble cause is betrayed when it is reduced to a stick with which to beat people.  How about: “You’re attacking me for a list of “micro-aggressions” that will change by tomorrow.  Can we talk about the actual problems, or is this just you being self-righteous?”

Respectful debate is critical to democracy, and a new muzzle is not better than an old one.  Object: “I listened patiently to every word you said, I just disagree.  That’s not ‘silencing’ you.  That’s conversation.”

We can all stand up against these abuses of our ideals.  We can free ourselves of undeserved PC guilt.  If we all did that, who would follow a pseudo-messiah who pretends to free us from artificial sin by discarding morality itself?

Scott Corey


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