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Letter to the Editor: Appreciate piece on the climate crisis

I appreciate Ken Donnell’s opinion piece (Where I Stand) in yesterday’s paper. He talked about the climate crisis in connection to our increases in fire size in recent years. He also brought up a couple of other concerns. Hope you have had a chance read his article.

During the COP 26 conference, speaker after speaker mentions that talking about the climate crisis is crucial to making the needed changes. The public’s involvement is a must. There is so much to consider. There is a lot to talk about and more being revealed all the time.

A few pieces of information that caught my attention lately:

Blue – green algae has recently been found in Lake Almanor.

Our trees burn 10 times faster now than they did in previous years.

The amount of water received in our water shed is declining in recent years.

We have been experiencing the hottest Augusts on record with each August warmer than the last.

Linda Bailey

Genesee Valley

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