Letter to the Editor: Appreciate the support

I would like to start by thanking those who wrote letters showing their support and interest in the trades. Considering the community interest in the topic of FRC’s Career and Technical Education programs, here are some questions I will submit to the Administration. If any responses are forthcoming from the Administration, I will share them.

  1. What is the Welding & Manufacturing program that was announced in accepting funding? Is there a description of courses included? Will it be more than welding steel fence at the corrals?
  2. On the March Board of Trustees agenda there is a “consent” item to transfer $330K in Strong Workforce Funding with no explanation of purpose. Administration has previously assured me that once a decision was made for its use, the Board would be informed.   So here again, the funding is going somewhere with no explanation.
  3. Since up to now, most of the Strong Workforce funding has gone to the AGR and Equine program, the administration should allow an “independent” audit, a comprehensive analysis of investment dollars in Ag, since 2015/20 and publish it.
  4. Why not earmark a portion of the Strong Workforce grant money for the trades? The community has shown a positive interest. That money would actually create a strong workforce locally. Welding classes are a start; we should add electrical, plumbing, carpentry as “certification” courses too. At the end of six to eight month courses, students would be “certified” and stand a much better chance of finding needed, well paying, professional jobs.

In contrast, how many equine or ranch managers, does this area need? We are spending millions on developing ranch managers and nothing on the trades!

Trent Saxton

FRC Trustee