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Letter to the Editor: Armchair fascists vs. the rest of us

The common theme exhibited from the Democrats who barrage this forum is the call for increased authoritarian measures to be implemented on free individuals. Some want more mandates. Another called for an official to be removed from office because of his personal opinions of BLM and Antifa. One guy, I’ll call him Gulag George, he was calling for free American Nationals to essentially be “rounded up” if they don’t get an experimental shot and mask up with a mask.

This is a last vestige county- clinging to the last bits of reasonable government, and representatives like Jeff Engel are the concrete in that footing. I didn’t vote for him- I no longer vote. But I will defend his actions of what the left would call “toxic freedom”! Oh gawd!

The latest Democrat operative tries to suggest that he’s not a fascist, yet ironically, these left wingers define the word, i.e., fascism can be defined as corporate controlled government. They pump the tyrranical agenda of The World Economic Forum. That’s the Davos Group man! The consortium of the world’s mega corporations and wealthy individuals. The same entities pushing 5 G.
Ironically, this same writer who bashes Engel, properly speaks out against 5 G. I guess a broken analog clock is right twice a day.

The whole Covid “pandemic” is a means to an end- the end of nation states, and the end of Western values. Do the research!!

You want your masks? You gottem! For the rest of your life! You want your injections? Done. You’ll gettem- multiple times a year. You want Vaccine Passports, checkpoints and lockdowns? No problem. You want to go hungry? They’re doing it for you. Diet time! You can blame the Trumpies. But it’ll be your fault.

One alternative would be for the rest of the country to say NO! to this radical left wing conspiracy- just like hundreds of thousands of brave, thinking military did, by giving up their careers to stand for freedom of choice. Just like hundreds of thousands of other employees including nurses, teachers and pilots are having to do- to stand for truth! They’ve done their homework, and I salute them all, as well as Jeff Engel!

Robert Milne

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