Letter to the Editor: Bad evacuation

My friend woke me with a shout, “Get up, get out, we’ve been evacuated!” So I did just that. I loaded up the car with prearranged boxes and articles required for the dogs and myself for a few days camping somewhere. First I met some friends at Gansner park, which was blocked off by a fire camp group. Then I went to the fairgrounds, where I was told evacuees could go to camp! Wrong! Large animals and fowl only there, fire camp on the other end of fairgrounds. Okay, church on Bell Lane, theory is house your dogs at Animal Shelter, sleep in the church. I own a 90 lb. American Staffordshire terrier, who is 12 years old and a 62 lb male pit bull who does not play well with others, they are not going to the pound! All I ask for is a parking spot, or two, to sleep in. All hotels are full, campgrounds are closed, fairgrounds and parks are full of fire camps, where are we supposed to evacuate to? Wherever I tried to park and rest, people were there wanting to know what I was doing. Used to be fire camps were at the college and locals could evac to the fairgrounds. What happened to that? Who gets the money?

Linda Vaughn

Meadow Valley