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Letter to the Editor: Band of criminals?

Sometimes it’s just easier to make a point with a story.  A friend of mine is troubled with diabetes and has been for several years.  She is on Medicare but finds the co-insurance to be expensive.  So she shops for the same medicine that is her lifesaver in Mexico.  The point is that after shopping in the states the best she could do is $20.33 per pill while in Mexico she would have to pay $1.00.  Twenty times  more for the same drug!  Astounding!   So are Americans being extorted.  Looks like it to me.  Another point is this same lady does what my brother does and gets her dental care in Mexico, as more and more Americans are.

So what the heck is going on?  Are American corporations a band of criminals.  Think of the Sackler Family, Mylan Pharma, Moderna, Pfizer, Purdue, all doing things that 30 years ago would have been criminal.  When they get caught these folks pay a small fine and pocket millions.  That is what happens when you let kleptocrats write the laws.

Jaw droppingly

Don McKechnie


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