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Letter to the Editor: Before you vote

President Trump won’t denounce white supremacy, which he has repeatedly done?

Richard Spencer, the white supremacist in Charlottesville openly said he supports and will vote for Joe Biden.

Did Biden reject that endorsement?

Biden claims he has worked hard for the black community.

Which policies, programs, education funding, job creation, and community investment have Biden and the Democrat-run cities provided for the last 47 years?

On law and order, Blacks, Hispanics and others have worked hard and sacrificed for years to build businesses, improve communities, and attain their American dream.

What do they get for their efforts? Democrat leadership ordering law enforcement to stand down while these businesses and communities are looted and burned to the ground.

President Trump offered federal assistance to the Democrat leadership in Oregon to end the violence – they refused.

Biden said emphatically during the debate, “I AM the Democratic Party.”

Then why is he not leading the efforts to halt this chaos in Democrat-run cities across the country?

Trump has been nominated by three foreign leaders for the Nobel Peace prize. Biden says Trump is a loser at foreign policy. Figure that one out.

Biden criticizes Trump’s pandemic response.

When it was discovered that many states had not adequately prepared for such a disaster and the federal government was required to fill the gap, President Trump’s years of experience in business kicked into high gear.

Establishing public/private partnerships between competing companies to unite in producing supplies and equipment, knowing which manufacturers could retool to make ventilators, organizing military and the transportation industry for distribution of supplies and personnel, and much, much more.

Biden, a career politician with a lousy track record of accomplishment would not have known where to start.

Before you vote, check out:


I would not choose a brain surgeon based on his charm. Neither should we elect a glad-hander for president.

Lynn Desjardin


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