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Letter to the Editor: Better site for Asphalt Plant for repaving Highway 70

I suggest Hat Creek Construction use the state (CalTrans property) at the sand shed near Hallelujah Junction (369.77687, -120.04309). Pros and cons of every site, but this site is already used for aggregate storage; it’s away from a waterway, and a residential community. Good air dispersal for fumes from a temporary asphalt plant; less spill risks; easy in and out for trucks, still may be close enough to the paving project to deliver asphalt and be an economically doable for Hat Creek. Also, This site may be permitted for that type of use already. Of course, it’s in Lassen County, so Plumas may lose revenue, and close to the state wildlife area, which may cause some concern and permitting or CEQA issues.

I recognize the need for repaving Highway 70, but I have no major issues with Hat Creek using the state sand shed site near Hallelujah Junction (or somewhere similar) instead of one yards away from a waterway like the Delleker site.

Dave Valle
Portola, CA

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