Letter to the Editor: Beyond the call of duty

No power, two mandatory evacuations (Quincy and Berry Creek), no access to computer as crisis center burned to ground and library closed due to virus.

March 20, 2020, my job after 10 years closed due to virus.

I applied for unemployment and it got worse: no checks, wrong address and impossible to reach by phone.

Thank goodness I was turned to Senator Brian Dahle’s office by our own supervisor Lori Simpson and after months of making no progress with EDD and working her day off, Tenessa of Senator Dahle’s office finally got this straightened out and Sheldon Fort of same office got my checks.

They saved my health, sanity, allowed me to get caught up on bills and possibly saved me from a sixth stroke.

Senator Dahle’s office went way beyond call of duty and I shall forever be grateful to them. Good things do happen in these crazy days of 2020.

Pam Bolton