Letter to the Editor: Bigger fish to fry

They’re obsessed with small particulates in the air from “fossil fuels”, but nothing about nano engineered mRNA spike proteins being mandated into peoples’ bodies? Not concerned when they look up and con-trails expand, criss crossing, as the wind picks up and the sun is blocked for humans, animals and vegetation. Not concerned about natural flavors in food which utilize nano tech to actually change the human taste bud’s ability to taste. Not concerned with reduced graphene oxide in vaccines, and possibly all injectables. Not concerned about the ensuing proliferation of 5 and then 6G, which is the internet of bodies, whereby The Marvin The Martian psychos like Bill Gates, Albert Bourla, Yuval Harari, and good old Klaus Schwab intend to interface with our body via 5G. Not concerned about the global nut cases blanketing this planet with “smart dust”, nano sensors, uplinking to 5G, to tag and track every grain of food produced. No, just the same blah, blah, “we need to have sustainable, renewable energy”.

I tell you what, being sustainable is easy. Become a minimalist. Just don’t do all the things you feel you’re entitled to, like travel to the coast, fly in jet planes, consume all that globalist China junk that comes thousands of miles across the Pacific on vessels using “bunker fuel” creating “ship tracks” that not only modify the atmosphere by creating their own cloud systems, but contain massive particulate amounts that blow across America. Live in a small place. Stop eating processed foods.

This climate change ruse is to divide and conquer, correct. But it’s also used to divert attention away from the real insidious technologies being spewed right out of Pandora’s Box, by the same globalists that say only YOU can prevent global warming…’err, Climate Change. These very corporations and know it all magnates ARE the sources of major pollution. They are taking us away from what it is to be natural humans.

You want to slow human induced “climate change”? Go direct to the source. Our planet is rife with ionospheric heaters, Nexrad, Doppler radar, cloud seeding from mountains, Almanor Watershed Projects, Desert Research Institute and the like, playing god with weather patterns, “researching” on us. Call out against these never ending god wannabe mad $cientists. Just the EISCAT ionospheric heater in Norway alone is able to move the jet stream. Wildfires? A million acres burned because of wind that prevailed all last summer, scorching PC. Was the wind, and resulting particulate producing mega fire from ionospheric heaters moving the jet stream? Well, if the global warmers would help to ask the real questions that need to be answered, maybe we actually would improve health conditions for us human lab rats. But they won’t. That’s too much work, and CNN says these are “conspiracy theories”, a phrase cooked up by the CIA to label JFK questioners as nut cases, nice try.


So, go get your nano vaxs, eat your nano foods, enjoy your fast downloads, while the sky is made a tic tac toe board by the nano particulate spewing jets….and FREAK OUT…because I have a wood stove and diesel truck….shees…

Robert Milne