Letter to the Editor: BOS please us ZOOM

I am hoping the Plumas County Board of Supervisors have added the zoom feature to allow public participation in their county meetings by now.  The public needs to be able to listen to everyone who has questions or input for the board members and also speak (especially regarding the board’s control of the fate of the proposed Asphalt plant in northeast Portola.

Weather forecast for Feb. 2 is snow at this time.  This is the next county board meeting date.
It is much too dangerous from possible road conditions as well as Covid exposure to travel to Quincy and present directly before the board another letter of objection to the proposed Asphalt mine.
Again, I beseech the board due to the potentional environmental and health disaster to neighboring properties and the entire City of Portola to disallow the proposed Asphalt mine.
LouRene Fitzsimmons
Portola, CA