Letter to the Editor by Jan Klement

John Sheehan is educated, and is the owner of a hidden agenda: For many years he was employed by Plumas County and was the manager of Plumas Corporation. I don’t really know what he did, but I know he was in charge of streambed protection, that is, putting rocks in misbehaving creeks.

During his prior employment he carefully protected his expected retirement entitlements. Never placed himself in a position which could result in criticism.¬† After retiring he managed to be appointed as one of the Trustees of the Feather River College Board and has been re-elected every four years since 1996. Now he has a platform to attack conservatives. Being a good liberal, he seems to have adopted the idea that now is the time to strike, just like Antifa, the club whose members burn and destroy lives and businesses. It seems that the virus has brought out the worst in folks, but Mr. Sheehan has carefully omitted any comments about the club which started as an anti fascist group, but now practices the “Krystal Nacht” philosophy.

Dr. Saxton’s letter to the editor illustrates the money owed to the college. It’s a bunch!! He is “somewhat” conservative, but should not be attacked because Mr. Sheehan does not like him. Mr. Sheehan has made lot of statements about “search for communists” and what he calls jokes about religion. Now the college leaders have printed their Manifesto about freedom of speech, but did not extend that right to Dr. Saxton.

The actions taken to date seem personal and vicious. It makes a person wonder if there are other reasons, which may appear on the horizon at a later date.


The quick retorts and actions without seriously investigating the issues must raise a person’s suspicions. The Kangaroo Court members are handpicked by Mr. Sheehan supporters

Just a reminder that we do not need any additional division. Today people have enough on their plates, such as the virus, the economy, the riots, the looting, school opening etc. The timing for the creation of more problems is only good for troublemakers, like Antifa and like-minded so called responsible citizens.

Jan Klement