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Letter to the Editor: Children learn by example

Children learn by example. Teachings from Woke America include:

Common sense, rational thought, open dialogue, and facts are cancelled.

Name-calling, bullying, false inuendo/accusations and outright lying are the new norm.

You are stupid. The ruling class of politicians, CEOs, athletes, movie stars, professors, and media personalities are all smarter than you will ever be, so don’t think – just believe them.

You may not be able to read or even spell the word, but you understand all you need to know about gender.  Even if you have not graduated kindergarten, you can change your sex any time you want.

All men are not created equal. Government defines equality. Live with it.

You cannot own a firearm to protect yourself. For help, call your local social worker for an appointment.

Your character is determined by your skin color. Choose it carefully.

Wear a mask and stay at home with your masked cat. Dinner at Grandma’s could kill you.

You are responsible for the actions of your father, his father, his father’s father, and so on. You owe reparations to somebody, somewhere, for something – to be determined by the government.

You are not, however, responsible for your own actions.

Behaviors like stabbing a senior citizen, shooting a cop, looting a store, burning a bakery, or hit-and-run drunk driving are the results of social and/or economic inequity. Not your fault.

Two plus two isn’t necessarily four. To suggest otherwise demonstrates your stupidity.

Need a new TV set? Simply join a peaceful protest and steal one. May as well grab a new pair of sneakers while you’re there.

Stretch your quads by kneeling with your favorite athletes as you watch them on your new TV.

In your spare time, you should hone your Standard Mandarin language skills.

You’re going to need them.

Lynn Desjardin





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