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Letter to the Editor: Choose love over hate

I have friends and know people who believe things with zero factual proof.  There are things we believe for which there is simply no factual proof: love and God come to mind immediately

I am not political, and while I believe in God I don’t believe in religion.  I believe in people but not in Society.  One of the reasons I live here, and I did choose to live here, is because here we are free to live how we want.  There’s space to breathe here, the natural beauty is wonderful, and the lack of people is very welcome.  I have made friends here, and most of the people I have met are strong, friendly people. They are deeply caring, family people, and I have come to learn that the locals are exceptionally accepting people.  I like them very much.  People who moved here and made this home also seem to have the unique desire to live and let live, and I love that.

Religion and politics are the two things I leave out of my friendships. Politics and religion are both personal aspects of a person’s character.

Anything which divides people is not conducive to the goals I have set for my life. The outcome I strive for every day is to think with a fact-based mind, and to be as understanding as I can.

To live my life, I needed an individual’s existence, which includes freedom and choice.  I implore all of us to be friends before anything else.  I implore each of us to accept others as they are without name-calling or division based on any differences at all.  If it’s just to say hello, to offer a smile or wish another a good day, let’s do that.   Let’s choose love over hate, and peace over war.

Peter Skeels

Lake Almanor

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